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March 9, 2020

Porsche 924S/944/951/968/928 Head Stud Removal Tool Kit

Porsche head stud repair video

Designed by our industrial design division Raptor Creative.

Head studs in Transaxle Porsche engines can be a challenge to remove with the most risk being a broken head stud at the bottom of the 4” deep hole.
As these engines have recessed head-studs, removing them for rebuilding an engine is challenging and without the right tools the engine block can be damaged if the studs are improperly removed costing thousands.

Our kit of tools is designed with years of engine rebuilding expertise and we have created the ultimate kit for the home DIY restorer as well as the seasoned shop mechanic.

With many of these cars being older than 30 years it is difficult for the mechanic to find the right tools. The kit comes complete with a head stud removal socket, head stud sleeve and if the unfortunate should happen, the right tools to drill out, tap to put new threads in for a time-sert. An Allen key is also included to tighten the tools to the collar. The kit is sold with a beautifully crafted leather pouch so that all the tools are kept neatly in place ready to be used for this tough job. Machined from hardened steel, these tools will last for many engine rebuilds.

Compatibility Fits models 924S / 944 / 944S / 944S2 / 951 / 968S

Head stud removal and repair kit $450, but the pre-production price:$300
Allow 8 weeks for delivery