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Double C size Primary Lithium Cells from PowerStream for Digitrak™ Horizontal Drilling Locators

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Double C 3.6 volt lithium battery

Because non-rechargeable lithium batteries have over twice the voltage of alkalines we created a "Double C", a single cell twice as long as an alkaline C cell with 3.6 volts. This battery replaces two C cells in series. For systems that cannot accept the higher voltage of 3.6 volts we offer the 3.0 volt lithium manganese type cells.

  • From 2.2 to 6 times the capacity of two C cells in series
  • Much better voltage hold-up during discharge
  • Extremely long shelf life--up to 20 years
  • Welded steel shell, cannot leak
  • We have sold over 2000 cells for this application and have many happy repeat customers

  • Peak currents are not as high as alkaline C cells, but are great for most purposes such as trenchless transmitters.
  • Cannot be charged under any circumstances without danger of explosion.
  • For use in pairs to power "4 alkaline cell" systems use the PowerStream exclusive DoubleC-CR which is a 3 volt chemistry. Trenchless transmitters may not accept the higher voltage 3.6 volt cells when used in pairs, so this is the perfect cell for 4 cell systems.

Size Type Nominal Voltage Nominal Capacity
Nominal Current
Pulse Current
Mass Size Price quantity of 1-10 cells Price quantity of 11-50 cells Price quantity of 51-99 cells Price quantity of 100+ cells
High Capacity lithium thionyl chloride 3.6 V 17 AH 200 mA
(note 1)
800 mA 108 grams CC
26.2 mm dia x 102 mm long
$56.00 $47.50 $38.72 $27.80
Note 1: The battery voltage will stay above 3 volts for entire discharge when discharged at 200 mA or less.

Quantity pricing is based on one order, one shipment.

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double C lithium non-rechargeable cells