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April 18, 2023

Power and Battery Technical Resources for Design Engineers

frequency converters single phase and three phase

Frequency converters

battery backups for buses, transit, fire trucks, vehicle instrumentation
Battery backups keep video systems alive for buses, emergency vehicles and vehicle instrumentation
24VAC low voltage battery backup

24VAC to 24VAC uninterruptible power supply

Off-the-shelf consumer and OEM Battery Chargers from PowerStream

Off-the-shelf battery chargers from PowerStream

Battery Resources

Battery Chemistry Tutorial and FAQ
Battery Technology Comparison Chart
How to Store Batteries (Lead Acid, SLA, LiIon, NiMH, NiCad)
Chart of Standard Cylindrical Battery Sizes
Chart of Standard Sealed Lead Acid Battery Sizes
Lithium battery primer for design engineersPrimary and Coin Lithium Battery Primer
How to operate lead acid battery chargersHow To Use a Battery Charger

Designing with Batteries

How to Design Battery Packs
Sealed Lead Acid Battery standards sizesHow to Calculate Battery Run Time
Sealed Lead Acid Battery standards sizesBattery Run Time Calculator
Sealed Lead Acid Battery standards sizesBattery Capacity under Pulsed Conditions
Engineering Design Notes on Battery Powered Devices
Discharge Curves for AA Alkaline and NiMH Cells
Discharge Curves Zinc-Air button cells
Discharge Curves for 9V Alkaline and Carbon Zinc Batteries
Discharge Curves for CR123A Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries
Low Power Connector Chart Battery Power Connector FAQ
How to design battery packsSpecial Design Rules for Large Battery Packs
Custom Battery Packs
Frequency Dependance of Batteries
Capacity versus Charge Voltage for Lithium-ion Chemistries
Why do batteries leak white stuff, and what is that white stuff?
Batteries with low ferromagnetism
How to solder lithium polymer battery nickel foil tabs
Internal resistance of batteries

How to Charge Batteries
How to Charge Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Fast Charging Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
How do Battery Chargers differ from Power Supplies?
How To Charge NiCad Batteries
NiMH battery charging technology, nimh battery charger, nimh charging, nickel metal hydride faqHow to Charge NiMH Batteries
How to Charge Lithium Ion Batteries
How Peak Charge Voltage affects Capacity and Cycle Life of Lithium Ion Batteries
How Peak Charge Voltage affects Capacity and Cycle Life of LiFePO4 Batteries
How to Charge Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
How to Charge Nickel Zinc Batteries

Custom Design Specification Downloads
How to Specify Custom Battery Chargers
How to Specify Custom Power Supplies

Other Power Electronics Resources:
Wire Gauge and Current Capability Chart

Temperature rise in electronic enclosures--Calculator
400Hz power tutorial
Metal selection for designing heat sinks
How to Design with Wall Mount Power Supplies
24VAC tutorial
Design Software for Switchmode Power Supplies
Compliance Resources
Power Glossary
Worldwide Country Household Voltages and Plugs
Switching Power Supply Terminology
Fusing Currents for American Wire Gauges and Metric Gauges Cu, Al, Fe, Sn wires
Converting Watts to Amps ???Converting Watts to Amps???
Converting Watts to Amps ???Will a modified sine wave inverter hurt my laptop power supply?
Converting kVA to kW, Watts to VA volt-ampsConverting Watts to VA, kW to kVA
supercapacitor bank charging circuitsCharging Supercapacitor Banks
Nema defsIEC Plugs and Sockets
Nema defsNEMA Box type definitions
Nema defsNEMA Plug and Socket type definitions
Nema defsConverting dbm to milliwatts and watts
Nema defsATX and ITX motherboard connector pin outs
Nema defsHow to get 24V from an ATX power supply
Nema defsHow to make a rechargeable power bank

Educational Resources
The Automobile Storage Battery its Care and Repair 1922
Battery Chemistry Tutorial and FAQ
How to Convert microns in wavelength to inverse cm in wavenumber
How to Measure DC electrical current
Locomotive low voltage guide
Car battery FAQ
Can a car battery be used for deep discharges, for example solar energy storage?
Voltage sag during engine starting

DC to AC Power Inverter Resources
Inverter FAQ

UPS Resources
UPS Questions & Answers
24VAC UPS and battery backup
Frequently Asked UPS Questions

Other Resources
HotMetal Pro 6.0 Patches
Vapor Pressure of the Chemical Elements
Calculating the weight of a soap bubble

frozen soap bubble

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