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August 31, 2018

Batteries and Battery Packs

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Battery Chargers
Inexpensive Spot Welder for Battery Packs
Inexpensive superbly engineered spot welders

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auto showroom battery, 12V 44AH 88AH 132AH Automobile showroom battery, for operating car electronics when the main battery is disconnected   double-c lithium thionyl battery New technology Double C size Primary Lithium Cells from PowerStream for Digitrak ™ and Ditch Witch ™ Subsurface ™ Horizontal Drilling Locators
lithium polymer cells Lithium Polymer Cells
GM series
   circular lithium polymer cells  New: Circular lithium polymer cells
GMT series
curved lithium polymer batteries Curved lithium polymer cells   ultra thin lithium primary (non-rechargeable) cells Ultra-thin primary lithium batteries
12 volt battery station with up to  22 amp hour capacity New: 12 volt 22 amp hour lead acid battery pack with shoulder strap.   ultrathin lithium ion batteries Ultra thin rechargeable batteries are now in production, 0.5 mm thick and bendable.
lightweight 12V 7.8AH lithium battery with charger Minimalist lightweight 115 watt-hour lithium ion battery pack, 12 volts 7.8AH 1.3 lbs, suitable for CPAP machines, includes charger and carrying case   tiny lithium ion battery, 10 mAH at 500 mg The lightest rechargeable battery in the world at 330 mg
45 watt hour lithium battery pack has built-in DC to DC converters and 45 watt hours 1 pound lithium ion battery pack with 5 to 19 volts output, 45 watt hours storage   non-magnetic lithium polymer cells New: Non-magnetic lithium polymer cells
Highest Quality Sealed Lead Acid Batteries from B&B Battery B&B Sealed Lead Acid Batteries   12 volt portable power station 12 volt portable power station, 3.5 pounds
Primary Lithium Cells LiSOCl2 or Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries Primary Lithium Thionyl Chloride Cells ER Series, including high capacity, high current, and high temperature versions   Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cells Rechargeable Lithium Ion Coin Cells
LIR Series.
Cylindrical Manganese Dioxide MnO2 Primary Lithium Cells Primary Lithium Manganese Dioxide Cells
CR cylindrical Series.
rebuild kit for dewalt DC9360 batteries Original DeWalt battery assemblies for rebuilding DC9360 36V tool batteries Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cells Primary and Coin Lithium Battery Primer
How to choose amongst the many types.
Cylindrical rechargeable lithium ion  cells Lithium Ion Cylindrical cells   NiCad Loose Batteries and Packs Nickel Cadmium Batteries from PowerStream.
Prismatic Lithium Ion Cells from PowerStream Rechargeable Prismatic Lithium Ion Cells
LIR series
  NiMH Loose Batteries and Packs Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries from PowerStream.
Lithium Button Cells, Manganese Dioxide MnO2 Primary Lithium Manganese Button Cells
CR button Series.
  Huge LiIon Batteries Lithium Ion Cells with high capacity and high current capability
Highest Quality Sealed Lead Acid Batteries from B&B Battery
B&B Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
BP, HP, EVP series
  Battery pack design How to Design Battery Packs
9 volt lithium replacement for transistor radio batteries 9 volt lithium replacement for transistor radio batteries having 2.5 to 10 times the capacity   How to design battery packs How to Buy Custom Battery Packs
lithium ion cylindrical cells from PowerStream high discharge rate 18650 lithium ion cylindrical cells LG 18650HE2, Sony US18650VTC4 and Sony US18650VTC5 , VTC4, VTC5
Click here for high discharge current HE2, VTC4 and VTC5 cells
High Rate lithium ion 18650 cells from Sony and LG: VTC4, VTC5, HE2   lithium non-rechargeable cylindrical cell with foil package Lithium-polymer style non-rechargeable "electronic cigarette" cells
lithium iron phosphate batteries SLA lead acid size, shape, and charging New: lithium iron phosphate batteries with drop-in replacement of SLA batteries. Can be charged with the original SLA charger   lithium polymer cells Lithium Polymer Cells
GM series

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