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Welcome to PowerStream Polymer Products

low cost molds

We also make inexpensive injection molds for start-ups and low quantity production.

Micro TIG welder for injection mold repair
Micro-TIG welder for injection mold repair
February 3, 2023

PowerStream Polymer Products is a Lund Instrument Engineering, Inc. Company.

Here are some examples of products that we have developed for customers.

Readyman CIA Door Opener Readyman CIA Letter Opener  Uses a low-cost mold
Porsche 944 sensor gapping tool  Porsche 944, 944S, 944S2, 944Na, 944 turbo pulse sensor gapping tool Uses a low cost mold
Porsche 944 wire separator loom Porsche 944 wire separator looms for sale Uses a low cost mold
Dual TO-220 semiconductor heat sink clamps Dual TO220 transistor and diode clamping bar Uses a low cost mold
GermKick hands-free door opener, restroom foot door handle GermKick™ hands-free foot operated door handle Uses a production mold
custom injection molded potting shells Custom injection molded potting shells Low cost molds
Lasting relationships are the ones that pay off.
PowerStream Technology is in the business of helping other companies develop products. To support this vision we have set up a plastic injection molding operation with seven presses.

We offer boutique services for small runs and special plastics. We also offer large production services.

We have experience with many resins, including ABS, Polyethylene Nylon, Delrin ™ and Polypropylene. We also specialize in TPE (theromoplastic elastomers) such as Kraton ™, which are a range of injectable soft plastics similar to silcone rubber. 

We also specialize in Faradex EMI shielding polymers.

We now have the technology to machine-in textures.
machined-in texture
Machined textures
Three of the PowerStream Polymer Products Presses
We have seven injection molding presses. Three horizontal Toshibas, one horizontal Boy, one vertical Morgan, and two vertical Boys.
Installing a mold on a Toshiba press
Our injection molding staff has many years of experience in many different types of injection molding including insert molding, cable and connector molding, and overmolding.
our new Doosan mill making chips
This is our new Doosan mill cutting chips in nano-smoothing mode with the arbor running at 20,000 RPM. It is impossible to know if it actually cutting metal until the end of the run when the cooling jets turn off.
We have first class mold making capabilities

New! 3-D printed molds

B side of an SLA created injection mold  This part is a star that fits onto Christmas tree lights. Two identical pieces snap onto each other to form the star. The snaps are too fragile to be made with 3-D printing, but the molded parts work perfectly. We have made over 1000 parts with this mold in polyethelyne without any noticable degradation of the mold.

Because of the low thermal conductivity of the SLA material it takes a minute cool-down between shots, so it isn't suitable for low-cost production.
  a side of the SLA created mold  
  parts from the SLA mold The parts show the stepped digitization of the SLA printing process, but adequately show that the parts work as designed, and has produced a fully functional part using injection molded polymer that cannot be 3-D printed.
black stars Black stars for stealth Christmas Tree lights.


Injection Mold Equipment:

  • 3-D Extrusion Printer, parts up to 12" x 16" x 10"
Phenom L 13.6 x 7.63 x 15.75 inch build volume
  • 2019 150 Ton Asian Plastics injection molding machine
  • 50 Ton Boy
  • 50 Ton Toshiba
  • 120 Ton Toshiba
  • 150 Ton Toshiba
  • Two 15 Ton Boy Vertical presses
  • Morgan Press
  • Toshiba 250 Ton

Mold Making Equipment

  • 2018 Doosan machining center
  • Agie Sinker EDM with small hole capabilites
  • Sharp Sinker EDM
  • Rotary head for the EDMs
  • Heat Treating Furnace
  • Bridgeport 3 axis CNC Easy-Track
  • 2 Manual mills, Bridgeport and Sharp
  • Takisawa Tool Lathe
  • Chavalier Surface Grinder
  • Westhoff Micro Drilling Machine
  • Argofile Ultrasonic Lapper
  • 2 Engis Di-Profilers
  • Optical Comparator
  • Inspection and QC equipment

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