PowerStream Technology for custom battery chargers, custom UPS, custom DC/DC converters, OEM laser diode power supplies
PowerStream is a Lund Instrument Engineering, Inc. Company.
6 June 2018
Lasting relationships are the ones that pay off.

PowerStream, your product development resource with industrial design, power supplies, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, batteries, and plastic injection molding

PowerStream Technology is in the business of helping other companies develop products. Our engineers have many years of experience in a wide variety of fields. They have developed products from laser range finders to laptop computers. We now concentrate on helping other companies engineer their power needs--batteries, power supplies and D.C. to D.C. converters.

After all, it makes sense for you to concentrate on your special expertise and let us concentrate on ours.

We also carry many off-the-shelf products to help you quickly develop products. We specialize in custom, semi custom, and off-the-shelf power supplies, battery chargers, UPS and battery backups.

We not only engineer products, but we also manufacture products both in Utah and in China. This helps our customers and keeps us in lasting, long term relationships with both our customers and our factories.

Our products are cost effective, environmentally safe and custom designed to your specifications. We pride ourselves in being easy to work with, and in developing custom products VERY QUICKLY.  

supercell double-c lithium thionyl battery for Digitrak transmitters and sondes
Double C size Primary Lithium Cells from PowerStream for Digitrak™ Horizontal Drilling Locators
the largest selection of lithium polymer cells in the world
The largest off-the-shelf selection of lithium polymer cells in the world
Genuine BB Batteries, B&B Batteries, Best and Best Battery
Sale for B&B Sealed Lead Acid Batteries is still in progress!
All through our company history, customers have chosen PowerStream because of our innovative technology, manufacturing excellence, quick response time and flexibility. PowerStream Polymer Products Plastic Injection Molding
PowerStream Polymer Products injection molding, cable, moldmaking and overmolding operation
4-pin XLR to cigarette lighter plug for video lights

4-Pin XLR to cigarette lighter plug for video lights

1000 watt inverter, 125VDC or 250VDC input, 115VAC or 220VAC output
125VDC input, 115VAC inverter, 1000 watts.
ultra thin lithium primary (non-rechargeable) cells

New: Ultra-thin primary lithium batteries

24VDC to 24VAC inverter
New: 24VDC to 24VAC inverter, converts 24 volts DC to 24 Volts AC for low voltage AC applications

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