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February 7, 2024

Automotive and Vehicle Products

Battery backups for buses, emergency vehicles and vehicle instrumentation
battery backups for buses, transit, fire trucks, vehicle instrumentation Keeps critical equipment from rebooting when the engine is started.

Trailer controllers, interface 12V and 24V vehicles and trailers

12 volt and 24 volt trailer converters, military, European, USA 24V to 12V and 12V to 24V for using military or European vehicles or trailers with 12V or 24V vehicles

12 volt Smart Battery Isolator with 150+ amps pass through and solid-state control

High current battery isolater hybrid Battery isolator allows an auxiliary battery to be charged by the vehicle's system, yet not participate in engine starting. It also prevents the starting battery from being run down by your equipment when the engine is off.

12V to 16V DC/DC Converters for High Performance Car Electronics

16VDC Regulated Switching Power Supplies DCDC converter 12 to 16 volts Converters 12VDC to 16VDC at 17.5 amps

6V to 12V DC/DC converter for vintage cars

6V to 12V fully isolated DC converter for vintage cars 8A 13.6 V continuous output with 5V to 8V input

Battery Back Up for cars and buses--3Amp

UPS for buses, vehciles, automobiles and cars This module charges an external battery at 400 mA and acts like a 36 watt DC UPS to keep equipment running in a vehicle even when the vehicle power fails. It is a controller for an automotive battery backup system.

Battery Back Up for cars and buses--5 Amp with status output

car and bus battery backup system 5 amp DC/DC automotive UPS controller with status output keeps equipment powered in vehicles
A DC/DC UPS controller for 12 volt 5 amp applications includes drivers for LEDs or relays indicating the state of operation. Protection during engine starting.

5 Amp Battery Back UP for cars and buses with 4A charging current

vehicle 5A battery backup controller with 4A charging current , bus video backup This has the same functionality as the 5A control module, but with much higher charge current for the auxiliary battery.

Battery Back Up for cars and buses--12Amp with status output

automotive, bus or vehicle  battery backup system 10 amp DC ups module for car electronics This module charges an external battery at 400mA from a wide range of input voltages, and acts like a 120 watt DC UPS to keep equipment running in a vehicle even when the vehicle power fails.

Battery Backup controller for 24V buses and other Vehicles

24 volt 10 amp bus vehicle UPS module and automotive battery backup system A DC/DC UPS and vehicle battery backup system for use in 24 volt cars, buses, trucks and heavy equipment

4 USB charging ports and an extension socket

4 station USB charger with cigarette lighter input and output Plugs into a car's cigarette lighter power port and gives four USB charging ports, plus duplicates the car's port.

Small, self contained 12V 1.2AH DC battery backup for cars and buses

self contained 12V UPS BBU including battery and  screw terminal or faston connectors for buses  cars or vehicles A small DC/DC battery backup with 1.2 AH battery and 5A or 12A maximum pass through current, protects against engine start-up reboots.

Small, self contained 12V 2.4AH DC battery backup for cars, trams and buses

12v 2.4ah battery backup for vehicle, car, bus, and boat electronics A slightly larger DC/DC battery backup having a 2.4AH battery and 5A or 12A pass through current

Small, self contained 24V 1.2AH DC battery backup for buses and 24V vehicles

24 Volt 1.2 Amp-Hour battery backup for vehicles, car, bus, and boat electronics,  bus video systems A 24V version of the DC/DC backup with a 1.2AH battery and 12A pass through

Self contained 12V 5AH battery backup for cars and buses

Self contained battery backup UPS for buses, cars and vehicles A robust 5 amp-hour battery backup for 12 volt vehicles

Car laptop adapters

90-120 watt DC input laptop adapter  and laptop car charger Several quality consumer grade car adapters for laptops

DC input lead acid battery chargers

in-car DC input chargers for wheel chairs and wheelchairs These charge sealed lead acid, SLA, gel cell, and VRLA, or even flooded lead acid batteries from 12 volt or 24 volt cars, batteries, fork lifts, etc.

6 volt to 12 volt regulating DC to DC Converters

6 volt to 12 volt converter for antique cars Two models convert positive or negative ground 6 volt cars to 12 volts negative ground 12 volts negative ground to use modern electronics.
Automobile showroom battery, for operating car electronics when the main battery is disconnected rolling case auto showroom battery, 12V 44AH 88AH 132AH In dealership showrooms it is often necessary to disconnect the car's battery for safety reasons. This 6" thick case rolls under the car and has leads to connect to the car's electronics so that the car's electronics can be demonstrated.

5 Volt 3 Amp and 5 Amp output with wide input voltage range.

DC/DC converter wide temperature and wide input voltage range 8-28 Designed for wide temperature range operation -40°C to 75°C (-40°F to 167°F) and robust electrical features

12 volt to 8.5 volt DC to DC converters for PS2

Buck-boost DC to DC converters 12 volt to 8.5 volt For running 8.5 volt PS2 game stations in 12 volt cars

12 volt and 24 volt Smart Battery Isolator with 80+ amps pass through and fully solid-state

solid state battery isolator or battery splitter 80 amps 80 amp battery splitter, protector, or isolator

DC input fluorescent light ballasts

12V and 24V ballasts for 40 watt and 20 watt fluorescent lamps 12VDC and 24VDC ballasts for 20W and 40W tubular lamps

12 VDC Input ATX Style Computer Power Supplies

12 volt input DC Input ATX style power supply, for cars and other battery powered systems For running a computer from a car, boat, solar panel or motorhome. The input range is 9-18 volts.

800 amp battery load tester

800 amp carbon pile load and alternator tester This load tester tests lead acid batteries and sealed lead acid batteries at up to 800 amps. This allows quick and easy testing of suspect batteries and charging systems under conditions that simulate a car starter.

24 VDC Input ATX Style Computer Power Supplies

DC Input ATX style power supply, 24 volts input For running a computer from a 24V vehicle, such as a truck, bus, boat, or earthmoving equipment.

Wide input range DC converters for electric vehicles 100V-400V input, 12V, 24V, 48V or 72V output

DC/DC converter 100V to 400V VDC input, 12VDC output, 300 volts to 12 volts 1200 watts Accepts a wide range of input voltages, so it can accommodate large battery voltage swings.

12V Battery Chargers for Electric Vehicles

electric vehicle auxiliary battery charger,  12 volt high power with 110VDC, 250VDC or 300VDC input These chargers can charge a 12 volt battery off of a high voltage electric vehicle battery bank, for example 100V-400V and 110VDC, 250VDC, or 300V.

24V Battery chargers for electric vehicles with 100V-400V input

24V DC input battery charger with 100-400V input Accepts a large range of input voltages 100-400V for 24V battery charging
including Canbus

24 Volt battery Chargers for Electric Vehicles

Battery charger, 24 volt high power with 110VDC, 250VDC, or 300VDC input For charging 24VDC lead acid batteries from 110VDC, 250VDC, or 300VDC cars, cranes, or boats.

12VDC to 9VDC DC/DC converter

9 volt output, 10 watt DC-DC converter  for vehicle use For operating 9 volt equipment in a car, bus, or boat, with 1.2A maximum output.

More DC/DC converters for Vehicles

24 volt to 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, or 12 volt converters DCDC converters power supplies More DC/DC converters for Vehicles

12 volt to 4 volt constant current converter for hydrogen generation

12VDC to 4VDC constant current DC-DC  converter for hydrogen generation on cars, trucks, and buses Constant current DC/DC converter tries to maintain 30 Amps output as the electrolyte temperature and concentration varies.

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