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September 12, 2023
battery backup for buses, and vehicles

Complete battery backup for 12V equipment in vehicles with 2.4AH battery

Small, self-contained automotive and bus battery backup system with 2.4 AH battery
12 volt DC UPS module or battery backup (BBU) keeps 12 volt equipment alive in cars, trucks and taxis using an internal sealed lead acid battery.
battery backups for buses, transit, fire trucks, vehicle instrumentation
More battery backups for buses, emergency vehicles and vehicle instrumentation
complete 12V UPS BBU for buses including battery and  box
Complete 12V DC-UPS with control module and 1.2AH lead acid battery
  The PST-Backup UPS devices are designed to keep your equipment from losing power or rebooting during engine start-up, ensuring these spikes and sags in power don't shorten the life of your mission critical electronics. We do this by providing uninterrupted, clean, consistent power to your equipment, extending the life of your electronics.

The PST-Backup DC-UPS powers your equipment in the vehicle using the car or bus electrical system, but switches to external battery power when the car's battery is removed, stolen, or drops below a predetermined voltage, acting as a battery backup (BBU) and power conditioner. It is not necessary to run an extra sense wire to the ignition, voltage sensing takes care of the decision making.

The backup prevents your equipment from running the vehicle's battery down avoiding jump-starts. It switches over to the auxiliary battery when the engine is shut off and the alternator stops or the car's battery drops below 11.8 volts. This means you never have to worry about that after-market equipment leaving you with a dead battery in the morning.

The PST-Backup isolates its battery from the vehicle, so it can't be discharged by the vehicle's other electronics, and it won't try to participate in the engine start-up process.

Allows for safely charging our internal battery from the car's electrical bus by isolating and current regulating the connection to the auxiliary battery. This uninterruptible power supply is designed to withstand the harsh electrical and temperature requirements of automotive equipment including spike, dropouts, load dumps, jump-starting, high and low temperatures.
This DC-UPS contains a 2.4 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery. It is charged from the vehicle's electrical system and switches your load to its internal battery when the engine is turned off, or at any other time that the electrical bus drops below 11.8 volts. Keeping computers and video systems alive during engine starting or other interruptions in power.
  Quantity 1-49 50-99 100-499 500+
battery backup 2.4AH with 5 Amps pass through
add_to_cart.gif $120 $114 $105 $100
Replacement battery (two needed) BP1.2-12        
  Quantity 1-49 50-99 100-499 500+
PST-Backup-2.4-12A battery backup 2.4AH with 12 Amps pass through add_to_cart.gif $180 $165 $155 $140
PST-Backup-2.4-12A-Timer 2.4AH 12A with timer add_to_cart.gif  $230 $211 $192 $176
Replacement battery (two needed) BP1.2-12        
Detailed Specifications PST-Backup-2.4-12A PST-Backup-2.4-5A
Maximum pass-through current 12 Amps continuous 5 Amps continuous
Max Charge Current 400 milliamps. 400 milliamps
Maximum input voltage (steady state) 15V 15V
Maximum input voltage (transient) 40V 40V
Maximum pass-through wattage 144 Watts 60 Watts
Transient pass-through current 15 amps for 40 seconds
20 amps for 5 seconds
Over 20 amps immediate shutdown
6 Amps for 40 seconds
Transition time Less than 50 microseconds from main battery to auxiliary battery
less than 50 microseconds from auxiliary battery to main battery. We have a capacitor to keep the voltage up during the transition and have not had any problem with customer's equipment dropping out during the switchover.
The available custom set points are Main On, Main Off, Charger On, Charger Off, Aux On, Aux Off This document describes how to engineer and specify the 6 custom set points if desired  
Backup time 12 amps for 200 seconds
8 amps for 400 seconds
4 amps for 17 minutes
2 amps for 44 minutes
120 mA for 20 hours
5 amps for 730 seconds
4 amps for 17 minutes
2 amps for 44 minutes
120 mA for 20 hours
Charge voltage Factory selectable, default is 11.8V Factory selectable, default is 11.8V
Internal battery 2.4 AH Sealed lead acid battery
Charge algorithm Constant current until the battery voltage reaches 13.4 volts, taper charge above 13.4 volts to zero current at 14.1 volts
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 Volts
Size 3 x 4.9 x 5.7 inches (6.8" including flanges)
76 x 124 x 145 mm (173 mm including flanges)
Vehicle's electrical bus reconnects to the load when its voltage raises to: 13.5 volts
Load is switched to the auxiliary battery when the main voltage drops below 13.1 volts
Auxiliary battery is disconnected from the load when the auxiliary battery's voltage drops below 10 volts
Temperature Range Minimum ambient temperature -10°C (-40°C available upon request)
Maximum ambient temperature of 70°C
When the case temperature gets above 45°C the charge current is automatically reduced to maintain system operation at higher temperatures.
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Connection Screw terminals, included are spade terminal adapters as shown below
Included spade (faston) connector adapters Shows included spade connector adapters
LEDs LEDs light up showing whether the load is being powered by the car or the auxiliary battery
Weight 3.3 lbs or 1.5 kg
Orientation Can be mounted safely in any orientation
Time-out Option The Time-Out option turns the unit completely off after the controller switches to the Auxiliary Battery. The time is adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes. The unit turns back on when the Main power is restored.
Warranty 1 year
  User guide for 5A version
User's guide for 12A version
Bus battery backup system, car battery backup system, truck battery backup system

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