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November 17, 2017

About PowerStream

PowerStream's building

PowerStream was founded with the idea that product development is hard, and we could make the process easier by helping with power supplies, battery chargers, batteries, and UPS technologies. After all, you have your unique technologies, you shouldn't have to also be an expert in power sources. We try to stock and design products that will enable engineers that are designing products and starting production runs to do so efficiently.

PowerStream was founded here in Utah in 1992 by power supply design guru Danilie Rene. It was sold a few years later to a public corporation, Pen Interconnect Inc. In January of 2000 it was purchased by a privately held corporation, Lund Instrument Engineering, Inc., and Dr. Mark W. Lund took the CEO position.

In October 2009. PowerStream moved into larger quarters at 1163 South 1680 West, Orem Utah 84058. This 16,000 square foot facility more than doubled the previous space.

In August 2011 PowerStream installed 4 injection molding presses and a full injection-mold machine shop to further the goal of helping engineers develop products.

For more information on PowerStream Technology and its products please call (801) 764-9060 or fax (801)764-9061.

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PowerStream Technology
1163 South 1680 West
Orem Utah 84058

Phone: 801-764-9060
Fax: 801-764-9061

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