August 15, 2023

PowerStream Vehicle Power Backups

Keeps critical equipment from crashing or rebooting when the engine is started. Protects against low voltage dropouts.

Select the links to the left for application examples forpolice cars,public transit vehicles, school buses, fire trucks,, vehicle instrumentation and ambulances

New: White Paper on Battery Backups for Emergency Vehicles

12V and 24V Products

12V Battery Backups

Small, self contained 12V 1.2AH DC battery backup for vehicles self contained 12V UPS BBU including battery and  screw terminal or faston connectors
Small, self contained 12V 2.4AH DC battery backup for vehicles 12v 2.4ah battery backup for vehicle, car, bus, and boat electronics
Self contained 12V 5AH battery backup for vehicles Self contained battery backup UPS from D-Sine

24V Battery Backup

Small, self contained 24V 1.2AH DC battery backup for vehicles 24 Volt 1.2 Amp-Hour battery backup for vehicle, car, bus, and boat electronics

12 Volt control modules

Battery Back control module UPS for Vehicles
UPS for automobiles and cars
Battery Back Up for Vehicles
5 Amp with status output
car battery backup system 5 amp DC/DC automotive UPS controller with status output
5 Amp Battery Back UPS controller for vehicles
4 Amp charging current
5A battery backup controller with 4A charging current
Battery Back controller for vehicles
12 Amp with status output
automotive battery backup system 10 amp DC ups module for car electronics

24V Control Module

Battery Backup controller for 24V Vehicles 24 volt 10 amp car UPS module and automotive battery backup system

Technical Talk

engine cranking data
This is a trace of both voltage and current during cranking of a four cylinder engine. The process only lasts a few seconds, but the battery voltage drops form 12.3V to 4.5V during initial cranking and is less than 10V for 2.4 seconds. And it is pretty noisy during that time. If the equipment under power cannot handle these low voltages and high noise it will crash, requiring some time to re-boot and come back on line. PowerStream's battery backups help solve this problem, whether the voltage sag is due to cranking the engine, losing the main battery through theft or accident, or battery failure.

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