December 19, 2023

School Bus Applications for PowerStream Vehicle Power Backups

Keeps mobile surveillance equipment from crashing or rebooting when the engine is started.

Weber School District

Weber School District Bus We use video cameras to record inside and outside the buses. During frequent starts and stops of the engine the DVR will re-boot, especially in the winter when extra power is required to start the diesel engine. We use the PST-Backup-2.4-12A battery switcher to maintain continuous surveillance.
--TB Weber School District
close-up of the battery backup installation installation of the battery backup

Idle hands from Anonymous

urban school bus Some of our favorite politicians have decided that it would best for the universe if we turned the bus engine off at stoplights and while loading/unloading. We can't have our video systems crash and reboot at intersections, so we use the PST-Backup-2.4-12Ato keep the recording active.

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