December 5, 2023

Police Car Applications for PowerStream Vehicle Power Backups

Keeps critical equipment from crashing or rebooting when the engine is started, preventing loss of data during the re-boot.

Modern fleet cars automatically shut off the engine after 5 minutes. Restarting the engine means that a lot of equipment can re-boot, including the cradle point, dash cam, modems, and other communication equipment. This 12V battery backup keeps the equipment from rebooting during engine start, and can also let the equipment run for a short period of time while waiting to be restarted.

Santa Barbara Police Department

We use the PowerStream "Mobile Backup" battery backups to buffer the auxiliary equipment from the car's electrical bus. It prevents problems from the voltage drop during engine starting.

Winter Garden Florida

police car battery backup Winter Garden uses PowerStream battery backups as automatic low voltage dropout protectors (LVD) to keep communications, modems, cradle points dash cam recorders, and computers alive during engine starting and accidents.

Amps drawn Backup time for the 5AH Backup-Mobile  
3 Amps 60 minutes  
5 Amps 31 minutes  
10 Amps 12 minutes  
15 Amps 7 minutes  

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