June 16, 2023

Vehicle Instrumentation Applications for PowerStream DC Battery Backups

Keeps critical equipment from crashing or rebooting when the engine is started.

Andrew Carlson Racing

race car instrumentation Andrew Carlson Racing uses the PST-Backup-2.4-5A in their race cars to power the dash cameras during practice and racing. The PST-Backup keeps the video system completely isolated from the car's battery system.

F-350 Dashcam

Ford F350 dash camera I use the PST-Backup-Jr-12A to provide continuous power on the dash cam in my Ford F-350. It keeps the video system recording while the truck is off without draining my truck's battery.

--JP Madisonville KY

Velocity Rail Systems

Velocity Rail fueling truck Velocity Rail Systems has installed the PST-Backup-Jr-5A on 42 vehicles in their fleet of locomotive fueling tankers to keep their on-board computers reliable during engine starting and engine-off operation.

Hyspecs New Zealand

mobile hydraulic platform Really impressed with the 12V UPS units that we bought from PowerStream (PST-DC-UPS-12A). Will recommend these units. Service was great as well, when I needed technical details and help, they were quick to respond.
We use it in a mobile platform (our automated grape harvester), to keep the remote and ECU alive when engine is cranked .
-WH New Zealand

Electric Motorcycle

Brammo electric motorcycle The PowerStream UPS was a chance, lucky find. In spite of my electrical knowledge shortcomings, the system adapted beautifully to my Brammo Empulse R electric bike, - I’m sure the only such application to any Brammo model bike. The system does everything as advertised and despite my misgivings about the UPS controller, the final version with adjusted set-points works perfectly even to charging the backup battery. I now have a continuous “uninterrupted” power source required by my Scorpio motorcycle alarm system and I managed to fit everything into probably the tightest of available spare space of any bike, electric or ICE. Thanks to you and crew for the patience and knowledge that made this project happen, and happy holidays to you all.
--RB in Port St. Lucie, FL

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