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November 9, 2021

High Power DC Converters for Electric Vehicle Auxiliary Systems, fully isolated

High voltage DC converters 12V output, 24V output 800 watt power supply for electric vehicle auxiliary systems high power DC/DC converter for electric vehicles
For more high power DC converters for electric cars that are fan cooled, click here.

Suggested Applications: Running lights, fans, wipers, electric windows, radios, stereos and charging 12 volt batteries from 144V, 196V, 240V, 288V, and 320VDC electric car batteries.

High efficiency, switchmode power converters. These DC-DC power supplies have a nominal output voltage of 12V, 24V, 48V, and 72V. They are high efficiency, sealed, and the watertight versions do not need a fan for cooling
These DC converters are designed specifically for electric cars and are fully isolated from both the positive and ground of the traction battery for added safety and reduction of ground-loop noise.
These can handle a continuous load
Soft start technology eliminates the possibility of a voltage spike at start-up.
Over-current protection, short circuit protection with automatic restart.
Low voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, circuit malfunction protection.
All these models come in regular and water proof IP66 versions.
These are Steel Mill grade and can withstand a 1000 volt spike on the input.

Data table for Electric Car DC converters
Model number Input Voltage Output
Continuous Amps Output Watts Weight Dimensions Price
VTC1050-12 100VDC-400VDC 13.8V 60 Amps 950W peak, 820W continuous     $ 1214
IP66 Watertight
100VDC-400VDC 13.8V 60 Amps 950W peak, 820W continuous     $1474
VTC1050-24 100VDC-400VDC 27.6V 40A 1380 peak, 1100W continuous     $1214
VTC1050-48 100VDC-400VDC 55.2V 20A 1380W peak, 1100W continuous     $1158
VTC1050-72 100VDC-400VDC 72V 13A 1225W peak, 930W Continuous     $1214
VTC1550-12 120VDC-400VDC 13.8V 100 Amps 1440W peak, 1380W continuous     $1462
VTC1550-24 120VDC-400VDC 26.7 55A 1820W peak, 1470W continuous     $1462
VTC1550-48 120VDC-400VDC 55.2V 28A 1800W peak, 1500W continuous     $1512
VTC1550-72 120VDC-400VDC 72V 21A 1800W peak, 1500W continuous     $1562
IP66 Watertight
120VDC-400VDC 13.8V 100 Amps 1440W peak, 1380W continuous     $2023
IP66 Watertight
120VDC-400VDC 27.6V 55A 1820W peak, 1470W continuous     $2023


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