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April 22, 2022

Fully isolated 6 volt to 12 volt DC/DC Converter (Regulator)

6 volt to 12 volt dc/dc converter with isolated output

6 volt to 12 volt DC/DC converters at low cost. Suitable for voltage stabilization of automobile electronics, special purpose UPS, etc. 3 Year Warranty.

These DC/DC converters are useful for voltage conversion to operate 12 volt negative ground electronics off 6 volt, positive ground or negative ground vehicles, best for radios, stereos, DVDs, CB radios, transmitters.

This is a 6 volt dc to 12 volt dc converter. These are fully isolated Boost Converters.
The PSTC-0624012 is a fully isolated 109 Watt 6V to 12V DC converter that can be used with either negative ground or positive ground cars. Positive ground 6V cars can now run 12 volt negative ground electronics.
PVTC125-6-12 Obsolete, sorry
Model Number PVTC125-6-12
  6v to 12v dc/dc converter for positive or negative ground vehicles
Input Voltage Range 5VDC to 8VDC
Negative or Positive ground
Minimum Start-up Voltage 5 Volts
Peak Output Power 136Watts
Peak Output Current 10 Amps
Continuous Current 8 Amps
Continuous Output Power 250 Watts
Output Voltage 13.6 VDC regulated and filtered
Line Regulation ± 0.5%
Load Regulation ± 0.5%
Efficiency >85% at full load
Input Reverse Polarity Protection Reverse polarity protection by replaceable fuse
Protection Short circuit protection by shut down and latch off
Over power protection by reducing the output voltage
Over input voltage protection 12 Volts
Cable Note that if you are drawing 136 watts from the PVTC125-6-12 the input will be 23 amps. This requires a large cable, 6 to 10 AWG or bigger, as short as possible. For the output 10 to 14 AWG is recommended, but it can be smaller depending on your cable length and actual intended power draw.
Weight 1.8 kg, 4 pounds
Dimensions 201 mm x 152 mm x 61 mm
7.9 x 6 x 2.4 inches

Note: For the PVTC125-6-12 the outputs are fully isolated from the inputs so you can connect the negative output to the car chassis whether the car is a positive or negative ground. The DC converter draws a lot of amps from the car, so be careful when running the unit when the engine is not running or you will drain the battery.


Q: My DC converter shuts itself off.
A: The main cause of this is over temperature. This can come from putting the unit in the engine compartment, but it can also happen in places like Phoenix, Arizona where the car is left in a parking lot to bake.

This can also come from trying to draw too much power from the unit. A stereo rated at 180 watts will draw much more than 180 watts from the 12 volt line because of inefficiencies in the amplifier. You may not be able to turn the stereo to these kind of sound pressures without the DC converter shutting itself off.

Our engineers say that an amplifier that is rated for 180 watts output to the speakers can draw up to 410 watts from the 12 volt supply.

The two effects add to each other. When the ambient temperature is high the dc converter will shut off at lower decibels.

Q: Can the PVTC125-6-12 be used with 6 volt cars that have negative ground?
A: Yes. You do not have to isolate the stereo system from the car chassis. The PVTC125-6-12 works with either negative ground or positive ground cars.

Installation of the PVTC125-6-12

Input: Hook up the plus and minus inputs as indicated on the front panel.

Output: Take the minus output and ground it to the car's chassis. Take the plus output and attach it to the radio.

Mounting: Mount the PVTC125-6-12 in a place that will be free from dust and spray. Use large cables for the input, plan for 23 amps draw at 6 volts for 136 watts peak output.


OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive, high current DC/DC converter stabilizes voltage in automotive applications.

OEM Battery Chargers Also can be used to provide regulated 12 volts from a 6 volt sealed lead acid battery--excellent for special purpose UPS DC battery backups.

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