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May 23, 2018

9 Volt transistor radio "snap style" batteries in lithium thionyl chloride chemistry

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dimensions and schetch of 9 volt lithium non-rechargeable battery9 volt lithium primary battery

It only takes 3 thionyl chloride cells to make a 9 volt battery, so we can stuff a lot more capacity into the 9V case.

  • From 2.5 to 10 times the capacity of alkaline and carbon zinc batteries
  • Much better voltage hold-up during discharge makes it ideal for instruments, smoke detectors and guitar pedals
  • Extremely long shelf life--up to 20 years
  • Better low temperature performance than alkaline, carbon zinc or leclanche batteries
  • Double sealed hermetic casing shell, cannot leak

Comparison of the 9 volt lithium battery with alkaline and carbon zinc batteries

  • Peak currents are not as high as alkaline C cells, but are great for most purposes digital voltmeters, guitar pedals, garage door openers and TV clickers (see the discharge curves below).
  • Cannot be charged under any circumstances.

Size Type Nominal Voltage Nominal Capacity
Maximum Continuous Current
Pulse Current
Mass Size Price quantity of 1-99 batteries Price quantity of 100-999 batteries Price quantity of 1000-9999 batteries
ER-U9VL-1 High Capacity 9 V 1.2 AH 50 mA
(note 1)
100 mA (see note 1) 40grams 9 volt square transistor radio NEDA 1604A or IEC 6LR61
44.8 mm x 26 mm x 16.0 mm including the snap
(4 week delivery for large quantities)
(4 week delivery for large quantities)
Note 1: See the discharge curves, the maximum continous current depends on the voltage sag you equipment can accept.

9 volt lithium battery capacity chart
9 volt lithium battery discharge curve at 300 ohms
Discharge curve with 300 ohms load

9 volt discharge curve into 900 ohms
Discharge curve with 900 ohms load

Temperature performance of a 9 volt lithium snap style battery
Discharge curve showing performance at different temperatures

short circuit properties of 9 volt lithium primary battery
Short circuit discharge test.

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9 volt lithium non-rechargeable cells as high performance replacements for transistor radio batteries

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