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June 30, 2022

The first non-magnetic lithium polymer battery!

lithium polymer cells
The largest off-the-shelf selection of lithium polymer cells in the world
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Battery discharge tester for small and tiny cells
Lithium polymer chargerChargers for lithium polymer cells for experimental and engineering work
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No ferromagnetic materials used

Up to now lithium polymer batteries have contain a considerable amount of nickel foil, which is ferromagnetic. PowerStream has been working with a team of engineers in China to develop the first lithium ion battery that is completely non-magnetic. The result is a cell using new materials, and having copper leads.

This battery is intended for use in applications that are sensitive to magnetism, such as magnetometers and equipment used in MRI rooms (see link below).

1. High operating voltage (3.7V)
2. Energy density is high
3. No memory effect
4. Self-discharge is less than 1% per month
5. Recharge exactly like any other lithium ion battery.
6. Safety characteristics are excellent
7. Processing temperatures for these cells is 100°C for less than 60 seconds, 120°C for less than 20 seconds and 140°C for less than 5 seconds.

Non-magnetic Lithium Polymer Cells. We have a limited variety of cells at the moment, but we can make other sizes with a minimum order of 1500 cells.

Available now:
Nominal Voltage
Rated capacity
T x W x H mm
1-19 pieces 20-99 pieces 100-999 1000+
TUV UL1642 cert.
3mm 3.7V 12mAH 3 x 9 x 10   $18.00
TUV UL1642 cert.
3 mm 3.7V 12mAH 3 x 9 x 10   $20.00
Not currently stocked
GEB-NM241218 2.4mm 3.7V 20mAH 2.4x12x18   $14.00
GEB-NM241218-PCB           $16.00
GM-NM361215 3.6mm 3.7V 40mAH 3.6 x 12 x 15mm   $14.00
GM-NM361215-PCB 3.6mm         $16.00
PGEB-NM651825 6.5mm 3.7V 250mAH 6.5 x 18 x 25   $16.00
$12.00 $10.32 $4.45
PGEB-NM651825-PCB 6.5mm 3.7 250mAH 6.5 x 18 x 25 5.2 g $18
$14.00 $10.92 $5.05
PGEB-NM053040 5 mm 3.7 600 mAH 5 x 30 x 40 11g $20.00
$15.00 $12.90 $5.57
(includes a protection circuit board) A typical PCB data sheet is shown here.
5 mm 3.7 600 mAH 5 x 30 x 40 12g $22.00
$17.00 $13.50 $6.17
GM-NM103450 10 mm 3.7 1800mAH 10x34x50 31.2 g $27.00
$19.00 $17.25 $8.35
GM-NM103450-PCB 10 mm 3.7 1800mAH 10x34x050 33.4 g $29.00
$21.00 $17.75 $8.85
(marked NM5858150)
5.8mm 3.7V 6000mAH 5.8x58x138 100 g $45.00
(marked NM5858150-PCB)
5.8mm 3.7V 6000mAH 5.8x58x138 108 g $47.00

Academic papers using PoweStream non-magnetic batteries

TBME-00219-2016.R1 Design and Validation of a Novel MR-Compatible Sensor for Respiratory Motion Modeling and Correction

User's comments on the PGEB-NM651825

Two versions of my data logger that both use the 250 mAh battery (PGEB-NM651825 ) without the protective PCB has been formally safety tested by an MRI safety testing company for deflection angle and torque, a lighter shorter version that does not have a titanium capsule, just screening, and the larger version with the titanium capsule, both insulated on the outside. No issues were found for deflection angle or torque. The deflection angle in both cases was a negligible 3 -3.5°, confirming the qualitative test I did here myself.

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