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January 17, 2017    

Wall mount Lithium ion Coin Cell and lithium polymer Battery Chargers

These chargers are used for experimental and engineering purposes to charge cells external to the device.
Lithium ion coin cell charger

Lithium Ion Coin CellsLithium Ion Coin cells are available from PowerStream. Click here.

Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery packs, battery chargers, UPS, and power supplies for OEMs in a Hurry

For more battery engineering resources click here: Battery Engineering Resources

(1) Charges any size lithium-ion coin cell.
(2) Charge rate is 40 mA, charge time is listed below
(3) Detects the battery polarity. If the polarity is wrong the charger shuts down and turns out the LEDs. Pressing a button changes the polarity of the charger to allow the cell to be charged without flipping the cell over.
(4) 4 LEDs show charge status.

Note: These chargers are only for PowerStream rechargeable 3.6 volt lithium ion coin cells. Attempting to recharge 3.0 volt CR, BR or ER series (non-rechargeable) coin cells is very dangerous and should never be attempted.

Lithium Ion Coin Cells Available from PowerStream that will work with these chargers Data
Lir2016 Data sheet Lir2016 rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell 3.6V 15 mAh
Lir2025 Data sheet Lir2025 rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell 3.6V 25 mAh
Lir2032 Data sheet Lir2032 rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell 3.6V 35 mAh
Lir2430 Data sheet Lir2430 rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell 3.6V 60 mAh
Lir2450 Data sheet Lir2450 rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell 3.6v 110mAh
Lir2477 Data sheet Lir2477 rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell 3.6v 160mAh

Quantities: 1-20 21-100 101-500 501-1000
For charging LIR2430, LIR2450, LIR2477
Lithium ion coin cell charger
$15.00 ea.
$12.50 ea. $8.75 ea. $7.90 ea.
For charging LIR2032, LIR2025, LIR2013
No longer available, sorry.      

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Lithium ion coin cell battery chargers. Single cell Li-ion coin cell charger.

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