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April 18, 2023

Discharge tests of Zinc-Air button cells, hearing aid batteries.

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Results of Zinc-Air cell Discharge testing

Zinc air batteries are limited in power by the amount of oxygen they can glean from the air. So even though they have very high energy density because they don't need to carry the oxidizer, the amperage available is small. Here are some tests in their working range, which is perfect for hearing aids.

1. New Batteries are purchased from a retailer to make sure they are fresh.

2. These cells were discharged for 12 hours, rested for 12 hours in a periodic cycle. This was done to simulate use in a hearing aid. They were exposed to air during the entire test. They werre measured by Silvio Pires Penteado and Ricardo Ferreira Bento at the University of São Paulo School of Medicine.

discharge curves for #10 zinc air battery
#13 zinc air button cell discharge curves
#312 zinc air button cell discharge curves
#675 zinc-air button cell discharge curve
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