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April 21, 2023  

Battery Pack Power Connector Page

Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery packs, battery chargers, UPS, and power supplies for OEMs in a Hurry

battery discharge test equipment for tiny batteries
Adapter 5.5 mm x 2.1 mm barrel connector to wire terminals Batteries and Packs Click here for Engineering Resources
Battery capacity tester for small and tiny cells ZHJX002 barrel to terminal strip adapter Batteries and Packs More Engineering Resources

Barrel Connectors
Barrel Connector for battery packs
3.0 1.0 10
3.5 1.3 7.0
3.5 1.3 9.5
3.5 1.3 11.5
5.0 1.5 12
5.0 2.1 9.5
5.0 2.1 11.5
5.0 2.1 13.5
5.0 2.5 9.5
5.0 2.5 13.5
5.5 1.5 12
5.5 2.1 9.5
5.5 2.1 11.5
5.5 2.1 13.5
5.5 2.5 9.5
5.5 2.5 11.5
5.5 2.5 13.5
5.5 2.8 12
6.3 3 12
Rated current for barrel connectors is often given as 5 amps.
  EIAJ Size Barrel ConnectorsBarrel Connector for power supplies and battery packs

EIAJ Barrel Plug with Hollow Center  
Outside Diameter
EIAJ recommended voltages
2.35 0.7 9.5-13 EIAJ-01 V<3.15
4.0 1.7 9.5 EIAJ-02 3.15<V<6.3
4.75 1.7 9.5-12 EIAJ-03 6.3<V<10.5

EIAJ Plug (with internal pin)  
Outside Diameter
Inside Diameter
EIAJ Recommended Voltages
5.5 3.4 1.0 9.5~13.5 EIAJ-04 10.5<V<13.5
6.5 4.4 1.4 9.5~16 EIAJ-05 13.5<V<18.0
  Audio Style Connectors
Subminiture Audio Style Connectors for power supplies and battery packs
Diameter mm Length mm
2.5 11.5
2.5 14.5
2.5 15.5
3.5 11.5
3.5 14.5
3.5 15.5

The most popular configurations
are in red. Most (90%)

applications use center
pin (or tip) positive.
   Mini DIN
Min Din Connectors for battery chargers, battery packs and power supplies
Number of Pins 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Current 1 amp per contact
Voltage 100 VAC
 Power Mini DIN
This is a special circular mini-DIN with four 7 amp contacts
The metal shell is 10 mm in diameter and the pins are 1.5 mm in diameter. mini-din power version
The picture is looking into the plug end. They come in different pin configurations, but this is the most common. Typical part numbers are KPPX-4P
Male XLR Connector for battery packs and battery chargers
XLR Female for battery packs and battery chargers
Number of Pins 3
Current 15 Amps per contact
Voltage 250 VAC max
Wire size 12 AWG max
The female plug is usually used on the battery pack.

Following is the standard wheel chair configuration. We can't guarantee that it will work on your chair.
most common wheel chair pinout
Wheel Chair Standard Pinout
"Tamiya" Connector Tamiya style connector for battery packs and chargers
Plug of the Tamiya connector system (female side).
MOLEX part number 35143-0201
with socket 35728-0201
 "Tamiya" Connector (continued) Tamiya style receptacle for battery packs and chargers, sometimes used in power supplies
Receptacle of the Tamiya connector system (male side).
MOLEX part number 35141-0201
with pin 35727-0201
"Tamiya" Connector (continued)This is a popular 15 amp connector for battery packs, and is popular with radio control hobbyists. It is referred to by them as the Tamiya system.
Normally the receptacle is attached to the battery pack.
The 7.2 V and 9.4 V connectors are identical, but the 7.2 V has heavier gauge wire (16 AWG versus 18 AWG)  
"Tamiya" Connector (continued)
Current 15 A Max
Voltage 300 V Max
Wire gauge 14-20 AWG
Shell Nylon
This connector is also available at Radio Shack, which is convenient for prototyping.
JST RCY Connector
Current 3 Amps Max
Voltage 250 V Max
Wire size AWG 28 to 22
23.3 x 6 x 4 mm
Color Red
Negative Pin 1 (most common)
Positive Pin 2 (most common)
The JST is a popular R/C connector, and is well suited for battery packs, containing an internal lock and a polarized connection.
The female (plug) is usually used on the battery pack.
  JST RCY Connector (Continued)JST RCY Connector for battery packs and chargersAlso known in RC circles as the BEC connector, or the P connector, it is one of the most common connectors for low current applications.     Deans ConnectorsDeans Ultra Connectors for battery packs and chargers
Deans doesn't seem to have ratings listed for these popular RC connectors, but they should be good for at least 10 amps. These are only available from one USA source--Deans. They are very popular with hobbyists that need a low resistance, high current connector. We have assembled over 1000 packs with these connectors. The solder connections are flat surfaces, we have used up to 16 gauge wire.
The Female side is usually connected to the battery pack, and the negative terminal is usually the terminal that is parallel to the long side of the connector.
Radio Shack adapter plug sizes              
Size A A 2.35mm OD × 0.70mm ID, EIAJ-01          
Size B B 4.00mm OD × 1.70mm ID, EIAJ-02          
Size C C 4.75mm OD × 1.70mm ID, EIAJ-03          
Size D D 5.50mm OD × 3.30mm ID with 1.0mm center pin, EIAJ-04          
Size E E 2.50mm (3/32 inch) audio style plug          
Size F F 3.50mm (1/8 inch) audio style plug          
Size G G 3.00mm OD × 1.10mm ID          
Size H H 3.40mm OD × 1.30mm ID          
Size I I 3.80mm OD × 1.10mm ID          
Size J J 5.00mm OD × 1.50mm ID          
Size K K 5.00mm OD × 2.10mm ID          
Size L L 5.00mm OD × 2.50mm ID          
Size M M 5.50mm OD × 2.10mm ID          
Size N N 5.50mm OD × 2.50mm ID          
Size O O 5.50mm OD × 2.80mm ID          
Size P P 5.50mm OD × 3.80mm ID with 1.80 mm center pin          
Size Q Q 6.30mm OD × 3.00mm ID          
Size R R 6.90mm OD × 4.20mm ID with 0.70 mm center pin          
Size S S 5.50mm OD with 1.80 mm center pin          
Size T T 6.50mm OD × 4.30mm ID with 1.40 mm center pin EIAJ-05          
Size U U 6.50mm OD × 4.10mm/3.10mm ID with 1.00mm center pin          

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