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July 19, 2018

How to make your own power bank with 3-D printing

power bank type 1
Type 1 power bank uses the PST-MP149
power bank controller

Type 2 power bank uses the PST-MP150
power bank controller

How to make a power bank with a 3-D printer, power board controller, and a lithium ion or lithium polymer battery.


  • Any lithium rechargeable cells can be used singly or in parallel to create a 3.6 (3.7) Volt pack. The cells do not have to be the same capacity. Even cells salvaged from a laptop batteries can sometimes be used.
  • The charging voltage is 5V, supplied through a standard micro-USB jack
  • The output is 5V 2.5A through either or both standard USB charging ports
  • Fuel Gauge LEDs are supplied with the power bank controllers
  • The cases snap together
  • The LEDs are blue, but they will cause red, green, or yellow buttons to fluoresce in their own colors as shown
  • Buy the power bank controller boards here
  • If you modify these designs we would love to share them here
Type 1 photos Type 2 photos  
type one power bank unpacked type 2 power bank unpacked  With 18650 Cells. You can
use 1 or 2 cells with Type 1, or 1, 2, or 3 cells with Type 2
type 1 power bankd type 2 power bank with polymer cells With polymer cells

3-D printer files download for Type 1 power bank

3-D printer files download for Type 2 power bank


pst-mp149 drawing showing the bottom of the board  PST-MP149 bottom view
PST-MP149 top view PST-MP149 top view
PST-MP149 bottom photo PST-MP149 bottom photo showing switch position
PST-MP149 top photo PST-MP149 top photo showing USB connectors
PST-MP150 drawing top PST-MP150 drawing showing separate LED board, it plugs into the connector at the bottom right
PST-MP150 photo of the top PST-MP150 top view
PST-MP150 bottom view PST-MP150 bottom view. The LED can be put on a cable to allow flexible positioning

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