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April 17, 2023
PST-MP150 photo of the top

Power Bank controller boards with 5V USB input and output and Li-ion charging

make your own power bank with 3-d printing
3-D printer files to make your own power bank

These are very adaptable power bank controllers which take 5V input, deliver 5V output, but charge a 4.2V (3.6V or 3.7V nominal) lithium ion or lithium polymer battery.

Possible applications are:
  • How to make a power bank with a lithium polymer or lithium ion cell, or multiple cells in parallel
  • Use it in your own device to control the battery charging and deliver 5V to your circuitry
  • Use it as a battery backup controller, 5 volts in and 5 volts out. If the power is interrupted the 5 volts is supplied by the battery through its DC converter
  • Use it as a lithium ion battery charger with 5V input
  Quantity 1-19 20-99 100-999 1000+
PST-MP149 add_to_cart.gif $9.95 $8.50 $6.98 $6.30
PST-MP150 add_to_cart.gif $9.95 $8.50 $6.98 $6.30

Parameter PST-MP149 PST-MP150 Comments
3-D Design Files MP149 Power Bank 3D Design file in IGS, PRT, SLDPRT, STEP, and STL MP150 Power Bank 3D Design file in IGS, PRT, SLDPRT, STEP, and STL
Charging Current 1.8-2.2A 1.8-2.2A  
Charge termination current 0.3-0.06A 0.3-0.06A  
CV Charging voltage 4.2V ±0.05V 4.2V ±0.05V  
Overcharge protection 4.35V maximum 4.35V maximum Added internal protection
Over discharge protection 2.5 ± 0.075V 2.5 ± 0.075V  
Charging Temperature <70°C <70°C  
Discharging Temperature <85°C <85°C  
USB output no-load 5.2V ± 0.15V 5.2V ± 0.15V  
USB output 2A load 4.9V ± 0.15V 4.9V ± 0.15V  
Output ripple < 300mV p-p < 300mV p-p  
Auto-off Turns off automatically in 5 seconds if there is no load present (between 5V and ground). 50mA is sufficient.
UPS output minimum load 100 mA 100 mA When the load drops below 100 mA the battery-saving function turns off the DC converter
Standby time 15 ± 2 seconds 15 ± 2 seconds When the load drops below 100 mA the unit will stay on for 15 seconds watching for resumed current draw before turning off
UPS 5V maximum output current 2.5A ± 0.3A 2.6A ± 0.3A  
USB output short circuit protection Auto recover Auto recover  
Circuit self-power <100 micro amps <100 micro amps  
USB Output efficiency at 1A >85% >84%  
USB Output efficiency at 2A >82% >82%  
USB DC converter cutoff voltage 3.0V ± 0.2V 3.0V ± 0.2V The battery should not drop below 3V due to the DC converter cut-off
Button Press once to turn on, hold for 2 seconds to turn off Press once to turn on, hold for 2 seconds to turn off  
LEDs No LEDs Gas gauge  

pst-mp149 drawing showing the bottom of the board  PST-MP149 bottom view
PST-MP149 top view PST-MP149 top view
PST-MP149 bottom photo PST-MP149 bottom photo showing switch position
PST-MP149 top photo PST-MP149 top photo showing USB connectors
PST-MP150 drawing top PST-MP150 drawing showing separate LED board, it plugs into the connector at the bottom right
PST-MP150 photo of the top PST-MP150 top view
PST-MP150 bottom view PST-MP150 bottom view. The LED can be put on a cable to allow flexible positioning

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