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February 8, 2017

40 Watt 24VAC Pure Sine Wave battery backup

24VAC to 24 VAC UPS
Unique systems takes 24VAC input, charges a battery and supplies 24VAC uniterrupted in case of power failure, Can be used with CCTV, security, and even for 24VAC irrigation systems. Could even provide battery backup for 24VAC doorbells.
24VDC to 24VAC inverters are also in development.

Quantity   1-10 11-100 101-500 501+
PST-UPS-24VAC-60Hz 40 watt UPS, 24VAC in, 24VAC out $216
This product is under development, contact us for the schedule
$196 $177 $144
(allow 1-2 weeks)
50 Hz version $216
This product is under development, contact us for the schedule
$196 $177 $144

This is a handy low voltage uninterruptible power supply (UPS) which accepts 24VAC, charges a 12 volt sealed lead acid battery, and converts to 24VAC. This is a double conversion unit, so the output is never passed straight from the output. This means that the input and output are always isolated. The battery is not included in the box, and can be any size that makes sense for your system. The output 24 volt AC inverter is rated at 40 watts for use with CCTV, security, and other low voltage installations. It basically provides an easy to use battery back-up for 24VAC.
PST-UPS-24VAC Function: 24VAC UPS battery backup
Input power 24VAC
24VAC allows the UPS to be remotely located by powering it off the 24VAC system
Output power 40VA continuous (40 Watts) (24VAC 1.6Amps nominal)
50VA for 1 minute at 50% duty factor( 1 minute above 40VAC, one minute below 40VA
  Important note: Because of the dual conversion this unit can be used to boost the voltage back up to 24VAC
Output Current 1.6 Amps continuous, 2 amps peak
Input voltage DC 24VAC Nominal
Input voltage range 19VAC to 28VAC
Output voltage AC 24VAC
Output voltage regulation ± 10%
Output wave form Pure sine wave
Output frequency 60Hz ± 1% (50Hz available)
Standby current 0.2A, 200 mA typical
Battery Charge Current 1.4 Amps
Battery Size
Backup time
This can be used with any size 12V sealed lead acid battery. At full power the backup time from a 7AH battery would be about 75 minutes
Cooling Convection cooling, no fan
Protections Output short
Polarity reverse
Under voltage input
Under voltage protection Unit will go into UPS mode when the input voltage falls below 19VAC
DC Input Screw terminals
Mechanical Format This is an open-frame style without a top cover
AC output Screw Terminals
Annunciation There is a dry-relay contact that closes when the unit is on battery power.
Isolation DC input is galvanically isolated from the AC output, greater than 100V hipot
Dimensions 305mm x 74mm x 42mm (12 x 2.9 x 1.7 inches)
Drawing Drawing and Mounting Dimensions
Weight 600 grams, 1.3 lbs, 21 oz


OEM Battery Chargers UPS with 24VAC input and 24VAC pure sine wave output

OEM Battery Chargers Makes 24 VAC equipment usable in case of AC failure. 24VAC inverter can also work with solar or other sources of 12VDC.

OEM Power Supplies Useful for powered security systems, 24VAC irrigation systems and CCTV systems..

OEM Power Supplies The 24VAC voltage output is regulated, so it is independent of power drawn. Transformers are not voltage regulated, which makes this inverter a better power source than AC mains.

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers This product is in development. Please call for updates

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