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February 10, 2014

Ultra low weight lithium ion batteries

Lithium polymer chargerChargers for lithium polymer cells for experimental and engineering work
ultrathin lithium ion batteries

Less than third of a gram!

Batteries, Chargers, and Power Supplies, Custom and off-the-shelf.

PowerStream has been working with a team of engineers in China to develop the lowest weight lithium ion batteries. We can now offer design engineers batteries of down to a mass of 330 mg. These cells should be useful for sensor, tags, and ultra-light models.

Though these cells have small capacities--they have about the same capacity as coin and button cells--they have a wide range of applications. There are microcontrollers that draw less than 1 microamp, such as the TI MSP430 in standby mode, so a 10 mAH battery could run these for 5 months between charges.

Ultra-lightweight cells can be used for military, sensors, tags, and cards. They can be made in the ultra-thin or the multilayer technologies.

Weight: These weigh about 330mg as-shipped. By removing the masking tape that protects the leads and shortening the leads they can be easily be lightened to about 320 mg. It is not recommended to trim down the flange area because it can severely shorten the life of the cell (or kill it), but if this is done the cells can usually be brought down lower.

1. High operating voltage(3.6V)
2. Energy density is high,
3. No memory effect
4. Self-discharge is less than 10% per month
5. Charge/discharge cycle characteristics are excellent
6. Safety characteristics are excellent
7. Processing temperatures for these cells is 100°C for less than 60 seconds, 120°C for less than 20 seconds and 140°C for less than 5 seconds.

Ultralight-weight Lithium Polymer Cells.

Examples of batteries that we have made
Nominal Voltage
Rated capacity
T x W x H mm
1-19 pieces 20-99 pieces 100-499 500+
GM300910H 3 mm 3.7 8 mAH
80mA High discharge
3 x 9 x 10 0.33 g $15.00
$10.00 $7.94  
GM300910H-PCB 3 mm 3.7 8mAH high discharge with PCB 3 x 9 x 10 0.5 g $17.00
$12.00 $8.60  
GM300910 3 mm 3.7 12mAH
6mA discharge
3 x 9 x 10 .33 g $15.00
$10.00 $7.94  
GM300910-PCB 3 mm 3.7 12mAH 6mA discharge 3 x 9 x 10 0.5 g $17.00
$12.00 $8.60  
PGEB201212 2 mm 3.7 10 mAH 2 x 12 x 12.5 .45 $15.00
$10.00 $3.33  
2 mm 3.7 V 10 mAH
2 x 15 x15 mm 0.43g-0.5g $15.00 each
$10.00 $7.94  
GM041215 4 mm 3.7 V 45 mAH 4 x 12 x 15 mm 1.1 g $6.15
$6.15 $2.05  
GM051215 5 mm 3.7 V 50 mAH 5 x 12 x 15 mm 1.2 g $9.30
  $3.10 $2.60

We have measured 4 samples of the PGEB201515 were taken at random. Preliminary results are as follows:
Sample Mass Mass after lightweighting Notes
1 0.470 g    
2 0.436 g    
3 0.442 g    
4 0.438 g 0.424g Just took off the masking tape

Discharge curves for ultra-light lithium ion  batteries

These are great cells. They are designed for low current discharge, but the above curve shows what they do at high current discharge rates, up to 8C.
Note the following features:
  • At 80 mA (about 8C) you still get 78% of the rated capacity, terminating at 3 volts
  • At 10 mA (about 1C) you get 11.5 mAH of the rated capacity terminating at 3 volts
  • The voltage stays high even at these extreme currents
  • Even at 80 mA (8C) there is enough energy for over 40,000 pulses, 100 mSec each.

Dimension drawing of the PGEB201515 ultra-light lithium cell

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