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April 1, 2015

12 volt to 1.5V, 3V, 5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V Volt DC/DC Converter

Adjustable Voltage Regulator and DC converter

DC/DC converter 12-30V input
This efficient "buck converter" or voltage-reducing DC/DC converter is designed to power CD players, walkmans, video games, portable TVs, tape recorders, GPS, hand scanners, and radios from automobile cigarette lighter power points.

It is an extremely reliable, full switchmode power supply. These are used extensively as OEM regulating power supplies when 6 to 30 volts is available, and a reduction in voltage is required.
This product has been extensively tested and approved by PowerStream Engineers
These are consumer devices, but are used in many OEM and engineering applications due to their low cost and high reliability. They are used in heavy equipment, cell phone towers, microwave towers, and many other places.

Price $18.95 each

Retail or Wholesale. The PST-DC292 works fine in either 12 volt or 24 volt vehicles, boats and airplanes.

PST-DC292 2Amp 1-20 21-100 101-500 501+
Price Each $18.95 $17.85 $13.75 $11.95
Out of stock until June, 2015, sorry.
PST-DC282 1.5A
PST-DC282 1.5Amp 1-20 21-100 101-500 501+
Price Each $17.75 $16.60 call call
  PST-DC282 variable DC/DC converter with 1.5A output
PST-DC284 2Amp 1-20 21-100 101-500 501+
Price Each $17.75 $16.60 call call
Out of stock until late April, 2015, sorry
  2 Amp variable voltage DC converter with direct cigarette lighter plug-in

Technical Specifications
Model Number PST-DC292 DC/DC Converter
Input Voltage Range 6 VDC to 30 VDC (see chart below)
Peak Output Power 24 Watts
Peak Output Current 2-3 Amps output, see the blue chart below
Output Voltage Nominal 1.5, 3, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 7.5, 9.0, 12.0 Volts
Output Voltage Typical See chart below
No-Load Overhead 10 to 30 mA is drawn from the battery when no load is connected, see chart below
Line Regulation 1 to 2%
Load Regulation 2 to 5%
Efficiency 54 to 78%
Automotive surge protection Withstands the standard 80 volt load dump test.
Agency Approvals ROHS, CE
Isolation Non-isolated, common ground, spikes on the positive side are eliminated
Dimensions 100 x 70 x 32 mm
4 x 2.75 x 1.25 inches
Input wire gauge and length AWG18, 20 inches, 520 mm
Output wire gauge and length AWG 18, 60 inches, 1.5 meters
Drawing Click here to see the drawing
Weight 0.4 lbs, 200 g, 7 ounces

Connectors Included      
2.5 mm audio-style  5.5 OD x 1.5 mm ID Barrel  
3.5 OD x 1.35 mm ID Barrel 3.5 mm audio-style  
5.5 mm OD x 2.1 mm ID Barrel  5.5 mm OD x 2.5 mm OD Barrel  
16 connector set available extra, click here. Extra connectors
Voltage Setting Typical
Used on Equipment Requiring* Minimum
Input V
Output A
at 1 Amp,
12 Volts Input
Regulation at 1 Amp
at 12 V input
at 12 V input
1.5 volts 1.83 1 to 2 volts 6 volts 3.0 54% 2%
7-30 V input
0.1-2 A output
10% 0.1-3 A output
10 mA
3 Volts 3.3 2 to 3 volts 6 volts 2.75 60% 1%
7-30 V input
0.1-2 A out
10 mA
4.5 Volts 4.8 3.5 to 5.5 volts 6 volts below 1 Amp, 8 volts at 2 amps 2.2 A 65% 1%
7-30 V input
0.1-2 A out
10 mA
6 Volts 6.3 4.5 to 6.5 volts 8 volts below 1.5 amps, 9 V at 2 amps 2.2 A 72% 1%
8-30 V input
0.1-2A out
20 mA
7.5 Volts 7.8 5.5 to 8 volts 9 volts below 1 A,
10.3 V at 2 A
2.1 A 78% 1.5 %
9-30 V input
0.1-2 A out
20 mA
9 Volts 9.5 7 to 10 volts 10 Volts 2.1 A 73% 2 %
12-30 V input
0.1-2A out
20 mA
12 Volts** 12.8 10 to 14 volts 14 Volts 2 A 73% 24 V input 2%
16-30V input
0.1-2 A out
30 mA
24 V
*Note: Devices using batteries can accept a wide range of input voltages, for example alkalines vary between 1.5 and 1 volt per cell during discharge. This guideline takes this into account. Also most wall-mount adapters are unregulated. So select the closest to your nominal voltage and don't worry about finding the exact voltage.

**Although the 12 volt setting requires 14 volts to stay regulated, the 13.6 volts supplied by a car battery even when the car is off will supply over 11.5 volts, will be adequate for most 12 volt devices.


OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive switchmode DC/DC converter stabilizes voltage in automotive applications.

OEM Battery ChargersAlso can be used to provide regulated voltage in other applications requiring 1.5 to 12 volt output from 8 to 30 volt input.

OEM Power Supplies Efficiency >50-80%, depending on input, output, and power.


Use in combination with solar panels. I use this little DC/DC converter for stepping down the 18V from the Instapark Mercury27 solar panel to 12V for devices which need to be charged at 12V, such as intelligent AA/AAA battery chargers (e.g. POWEREX MAHA C9000 (super highly rated AA/AAA charger) or the very small and inexpensive ($ 10.00) ASTAK) via their male car charger plug) (ordered separately for the MH-C9000). In bright sunshine, I was even able to charge batteries in the MAHA C9000 (12V 2A input) and a cellular phone (5V 0.5A) a the same time from the Mercury 27W solar panel (total W = 12 x 2 + 5 x 0.5 = 26.5W). Thus, I ensured that this solar panel could charge at its designated 27 watt output.

This DC converter could also be used to charge other devices at different V ratings (altered via its dial) which I tested (3V = 3.5V/2.5A, 6V = 6.5V/2.5A, 9V = 9.5V/2.5A), is just small enough to fit in the pocket of the Mercury 27W panel and will directly charge 12V devices via the range of plugs provided (5.5 x 2.1mm, 5.5 x 2.5mm, etc.) and you can also obtain a greater range of these connectors from PowerStream. Alternatively, you can charge multiple 5V USB devices (27W/5V = 5.4A: e.g. a 2.4/2.1A, 2.0A and a 1.0A device (via various triple USB chargers (see above) or a 2.4, 1.5A and 1.5A (via a Bolse intelligent triple USB charger) device at the same time!) using a 5.5 x 2.5 mm female to female car socket (BixPower). Thus, I highly recommend this inexpensive DC converter for use with the Mercury 27W panel.

WARNING: The only criticism I have of the PowerStream PST-DC292 DC/DC converter is that the set of outlet plugs of different sizes (e.g. male 5.5 x 2.5/2.1 mm) are connected to the outlet cable via two prongs (positive and negative poles) and it is unnecessarily awkward to see which orientation will give you the correct outlet polarity (positive rather than negative). In this case use a multi-meter to check the outlet polarity. If you frequently need to change between different sized outlet plugs, I suggest that you put on the 5.5 x 2.1 mm (most common) outlet plug, check that it is the correct polarity, and then use the VkTech 5.5 x 2.1 mm female to 28 different sized plugs to ensure that the polarity will always be correct.
Andrew Falconar

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