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March 15, 2016  

Universal lithium ion battery pack

7.8AH 12V lithium ion battery
For a minimalistic 12V 7.8AH lithium-ion battery suitable for CPAP and other applications click here
Bag style 7.5 to 22 AH battery pack with chargers 2.3 amp hour battery pack, portable battery power for battery portable applications.
For 7.5-22 Amp-Hour portable power station click here
Portable battery lithium ion 5v, 6v, 7.5v, 9v, 12v, 14v,16v or 19v, laptop portable battery
This powerful little battery pack is very flexible, it can act as a 5 volt battery or a 19 volt battery with 6 steps in between. Outputs at 5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V, 12V, 14V, 16V and 19V. It can also be charged with voltages as low as 9 volts and as high as 24VDC.

This battery pack consists of a 44 watt hour lithium ion battery assembly and three DC/DC converters. The first DC converter allows the pack to be charged with a wide range of voltage inputs. The second allows the pack to deliver a user selectable voltage to run equipment requiring 5volts to 19+volts. The third DC converter supplies a steady 5 volts to a USB port for charging cell phones, Ipods, and other USB charged equipment. All this is built into the sleek black battery case.

For example, when used with your cell-phone car charger attached the PST-MP3500 can run a typical cell phone for 15 times longer than the battery in the phone, or charge the phone 10-15 times. You can double the battery time for a laptop computer, or use a digital camera up to 20 times as long as when using disposable AA alkalines.

Special Features :
  • 44 Watt-Hour battery pack with flexible output voltage (upgradeable to 88 watts).
  • Automatic overcharge protection
  • Gas gauge feature tells how much power is remaining
  • Highly regulated voltage source, doesn't sag like batteries do.
  • Auxiliary 5 volt USB output for charging cell phones.
  • Locking feature prevents the voltage from changing by mistake.
  • The PST-MP3500 portable rechargeable battery is designed to charge while running your equipment, just plug the charger into the PST-MP3500 and the battery pack into the laptop computer.
  • The charger section of the battery pack has a DC/DC converter with a wide input range. This means that the pack can be charged from a wide variety of sources. The input voltage for charging can be as low as 9 volts and as high as 24 volts. This makes the PST-MP3500 perfect for energy harvesting type charging from (for example) unregulated solar panels as long as the input voltage doesn't go above 24 volts.
  • Use it for a laptop today, a digital camera tomorrow, or a portable battery for a DVD while simultaneously charging your cell phone--it is very flexible.
  • For safety reasons this unit will reset the voltage to 5 volts when the barrel connector is changed, the cord is removed, or the unit shuts itself off when the battery is fully discharged. Just press the button until the desired voltage appears. If you want a unit without that feature, take a look at our industrial universal battery pack version
Price List Quantity:1-10 11-50
Price includes rechargeable battery, case, bag, AC charger, cable kit and barrel plug adapters
Add-on battery which doubles the capacity of the MP3500
PST-MP3500-cable kit. Optional extra output cable and connector kit. $20.00
Part Number PST-Cig21
Optional car charger

Price $8.00 each
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Model Number PST-MP3500 Battery Pack
AC Charger The included power supply for charging has an input of 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 19 volts output
Charging voltage The charging voltage can be between 9 volts and 24 volts. The current drawn from the charging source is limited to about 1 amp, so the pack will charge faster at the higher input voltages.
If you are also running a load then the input current raises to the power required by the charging plus the power required by the load.
Peak Output Power 3.5 amps or 50 Watts
Output Voltage Steps 5VDC, 6VDC, 7.5VDC, 9VDC, 12VDC, 14VDC, 16VDC, 19VDC
Output current 5 Volt 1.5 amp continuous, 4.8 amp peak for 1-2 minutes at a time
6 Volts 1.5 amps continuous, 4.8 amps peak for 1-2 minutes at a time
7.5 volts 1.5 amps continuous, up to 4.8 amps peak for 1-2 minutes at a time
9 volts 1.5 amps continuous, up to 4.5 amps peak for 1-2 minutes at a time
12 volts 2 amps continuous, up to 4 amps peak for 1-2 minutes at a time
14 volts 2 amps, up to 3.5 amps peak for 1-2 minutes at a time
16 volts 3 amps continuous
19 Volt 3 amps continuous
USB output 5 volts 1 amp
Equivalent Capacity 45 watt hours
Detailed Capacity
(double this capacity for the combination of MP3500 plus MP3460)
8.6 AH at 5 volts
7.25 AH at 6 volts
5.7 AH at 7.5 volts
4.7 AH at 9 volts
3.6AH at 12 volts
3.25 AH at 14 volts
2.75 AH at 16 volts
2.4 AH at 19 Volts
DC converter Efficiency 88% at 5V output, 93% at 19V output
Charging port Charge input is a 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel jack
Dimensions 3.28 x 6.8 x 0.92 inches (85 x 173 x 23.4 mm)
Charging time 3-4 hours
Kit list Battery pack, charger, output cord, case, barrel adapters, barrel adapter storage
Charger Included is a universal AC input (100-240 VAC 50/60Hz) 19 volt 3.16 amp power supply that is used for charging. It has a 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector. Charger dimensions are 67x31x106 mm.
The power supply has CE, UL, CCC, TUV.
Weight 440g, 1 Pound without the output cord
370 grams for the add-on pack
Defect The defect that was reported here in the past is now fixed. There is no voltage drop-out when the charging voltage is removed.
Connector kit 7 barrel style adapters match thousands of products 2.35 Outside Diameter x 0.75mm Inside Diameter digital camera style
4.0 OD x 1.7mm ID
4.75 OD x 1.75mm ID
5.5 OD x 2.1 mm ID
5.5 OD x 2.5 mm ID
6.3 OD x 3 mm ID

(6.0 to 6.5)OD x 4.25 ID with 1.5mm center pin
Output socket information for engineers The output socket is a special 3-pin mini-din made by Kycon. If you need some mating connectors because you want to make your own cables the data sheet is here . They are readily available from Mouser.
16 connector set available extra, click here.
If the connector assortment that is included doesn't have the one you need you can order this kit which has the 16 most popular connectors in it.

It also works with any of the connector adapters with 4 mm pin spacing such as this one that might be available to you locally.
Extra connectors
A picture of how the auxiliary battery attaches to double the capacity. The MP3500 with optional battery pack attached to  double its capacity

Accessory Table
Typical run time calculations
Power Drawn from Battery (Watts = Amps*Volts) Continuous Running Time Time with MP3460
1 watt 45 Hours 90 hours
5 watts 9 Hours 18 hours
10 watts 4.5 Hours 9 hours
15 watts 3 Hours 6 hours
20 watts 2.25 Hours 4.5 hours
30 watts 1.5 Hours 3 hours
45 watts 1 Hour 2 hours

Voltage versus time discharge curves.Chart showing that voltage output is very stable for all the voltages and the amp hours varies linearly with output voltage from 2.4 to 8.6 AH equivalent
You can see that unlike plain batteries this pack delivers regulated voltage until the pack runs out of juice. This is very helpful for instruments, cameras, thermal cameras, lights, and other applications that work best with regulated power. For comparison, most laptop batteries use 14.4 volts and 2.2 AH, so this can run a laptop longer than the built-in battery.

Many laptops can be run at lower voltage than the manufacturer's power pack would indicate, they just can't charge the battery at lower voltages. In this case it is a good idea to run the battery pack at 12 to 14 volts so no power is wasted charging the laptop's internal battery. However, you can't always use this trick, my ACER won't run at all unless I give it the full rated voltage.

Click here to download a quick-start PDF graphic manual that shows how to use these external battery packs.

Questions and Answers

Q: Is it legal to take these spare batteries on airplanes?

A: The PST-MP3500 has about 3.2 grams of equivalent lithium, and the combination of the PST-MP3500 and PST-MP3460 contain about 6.4 grams of equivalent lithium, so they are OK to take in carry-on luggage. See the government web page http://safetravel.dot.gov/whats_new_batteries.html for more details.

Q: I have a 60 watt laptop, will this 50 watt battery pack work with it?

A: Yes, the 60 watts is the maximum that the computer can use, including charging the internal battery. It is recommended that the PST-MP3500 be used when the laptop's internal battery is full or removed. Some computers will also run fine on lower voltage (12V, 14, or 16V) which will prevent the internal battery from being charged, if you don't waste energy charging the internal battery you will get you even more run time from the external battery pack. In addition the PST-MP3500 can supply up to 60 watts when the laptop needs peak power.

Q: The AC charger that is included, is it a peak charger? So that it switches off the charging process when the battery is fully charged?

A: The charging circuit is actually built into the battery case. So the charger that comes with it is just a power supply. In fact any voltage between 9VDC and 24VDC can be used to charge it. The internal charger is a smart charger, it will not overcharge the battery. In fact when I am in China I leave the battery connected to the computer and run the "charger" into the battery. That way I only have to bring one power supply with me.

Field test:

December 2006. I have been using one of these packs since July of 2006, first on a trip to China and then on several smaller trips and also to create the curves shown above. It was very nice to be able to run my 60 watt Acer laptop as long as I could stand to work on the bus and the plane rides. You can also see the impressive voltage regulation and run time from the curves.

I have also been impressed that it will recharge from voltage sources as low as 5 volts, I have recharged mine at 5 volts, 9 volts, 12-14 volts (car cigarette lighter), at 14, at 16, 19, and even 24 volts. I am sure that it will charge at any voltage above 5V and less than 24V. I have a little solar charger that I would like to try, but my office window faces north toward the mountains and I don't get much direct sun. However, in practical terms, the source current is 1 amp no matter what the input voltage is, after covering the chargers' DC converter overhead the charge rate at 5 volt input is very very low, so in practical terms 9 volts is the lowest you would want to use.

Recently I arrived in the parking lot for my meeting just as my cell phone "dead battery" beep started up. I was waiting for an important call and didn't want to leave my phone in the car for charging. So I just plugged my phone's USB charger cable into the MP3500's USB port and put the combination in my briefcase. When the phone rang in my briefcase it was charged enough to handle several calls and I got to show off my fun battery pack at the same time.

August 2007

I wrote a WordPerfect macro to time how long it took for the computer to shut down due to running low on battery power. Then I ran my Acer a couple of ways to measure how much more time the MP3500 gives me.
Configuration Minutes Hours and minutes
Internal Battery alone 84 minutes 1 hour 24 minutes  
Internal Battery + MP3500 155 minutes 2 hours 35 minutes  
Internal Battery + MP3500 + MP3460 226 minutes 3 hours 46 minutes  


Harry M: I would like to say that this is the BEST UPS appliance I've come across with and I'm very pleased with the product itself. I'm planning to buy more in the near future for other experiments.

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