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Chargers for all styles of lead acid batteries

March 25, 2014
6 Volt 1.2 amp

6 Volt Pb-Acid Chargers

Accurate, tiny 1200 mA 3-stage battery chargers and maintenance chargers for 6 volt lead acid batteries
6V lead acid battery charger, 6 volt multistage charger and battery maintainerPST-3P10-6VA
12V 750 mA

Tiny 12 volt lead acid battery charger 750mA

12 Volt battery charger, Lead Acid, 0.75 Amp switchmode with 3-stage charging algorithm and universal AC input lead acid 12V battery charger with universal AC input, 12 voltPST-3P1015
12V 1.5 A Wall mount 12V 1.5A lead acid battery charger with alligator clips or barrel plug 12V charger with 3-stage charging and switchmode technology, 1500mA 12V 1.5 wall mount lead acid battery charger with alligator clips or barrel connector PST-P2012-A12A
12V 2 Amp

Efficient 2 Amp 12 volt lead acid battery charger switchmode

12 Volt battery charger lead acid 2000mA with universal input
12V Pb-acid battery charger 12 volts 2000 mA, small and light with desulfating function PST-3PA3015
12V 1.5 Amp

Rejuvenating 1.5A charger

12V 1.5A charger 1.5A 12V rejuvenating desktop lead acid battery charger PST-G60-12AS
12V 3.5 Amp

Rejuvenating, efficient 3.3A 12V lead acid charger

12V 3.3A lead acid battery charger with auto-sensing desulfating function

12V 40Watt lead acid battery charger with auto-detecting desulfating function and efficient switchmode technology and state-of-charge display
12V and 24 V

12V and 24V DC Input Lead Acid Battery Chargers

These charge sealed lead acid, SLA, gel cell, and VRLA, or even flooded lead acid batteries from 12 volt or 24 volt cars, batteries, fork lifts, etc.
12V in-car DC input chargers for wheel chairs and wheelchairs and 24V in-car battery charger PST-BC series
12V 5.5 Amp

5.5 amp 12V battery charger

12 Volt 5.5 amp switchmode charger for all lead acid battery types 12 volt smart lead acid battery charger 12V 5 ampsPST-G100-12
12V 15A to 90A

12V Low noise high power chargers

6 battery charger models with charge rates from 15 to 90 amps.

12V battery charger, high amperage, low noise, 12 V 15A PST-APS series
12 V 4 Amp

12 volt QQE048-4CH36

12 Volt 4 Amp Switching mode battery charger for lead acid and sealed lead acid batteries  
12 V 7 Amp

12 volt QQE084-4CH01

12 Volt 7 Amp switchmode Lead Acid, SLA  
12V 2.8 Amp or 4.15 Amp

12 volt Remote Charging Boards

Charge a 12 volt lead acid battery from a low voltage DC input that can range from 18 to 28 volts. charging board for a lead acid battery uses DC input

12 volt remote charging board with wide range of input voltage

Charger for 12VDC Pb-Acid battery with large input voltage range 12 volt charging board with wide DC input voltage range
12V 2.8A x 16 bays

12 Volt 16 Station Suitcase Lead Acid Multiunit Battery Charger

16 independent 2.8 amp chargers in a waterproof case 16 channel suitcase charger for 12V lead acid batteries
12V 5A x 6 bays

12 Volt Six Station Lead Acid Multibay Shop Charger

5 bays, 5 amps each. 6 station sealed 12V lead acid battery charger
12V 3A

Battery Back-up power supply uses 12V lead acid batteries

Also available in 6 volt and 24 volt battery backup power supplies Battery back-up 12V AC to DC power supply SP6-AS

Minimoto style 18 volt battery chargers with switchmode technology

18 volt charger for sealed lead acid batteries 18 volt charger PST-3PA3022B
24V 1.3 Amp

Inexpensive 24V lead acid transformer based 3-stage battery charger

24 volt charger for SLA batteries 24V multistage battery charger, transformer based, 12 Volt PST-198-1
24V 2.8 Amp

24 Volt 2.8 Amp precision charger features desulfating function and fuel gauge

24 Volt 2.8 Amp switch mode charger 24 volt 2.8v desulfating lead acid battery charger PST-G100-24
24V 8 Amp

24V 8A Sealed Lead acid Chargers general use, wheel chair and Medical use

IEC60601 chargers for 24 volt batteries 4, 6, and 8 amps output and XLR connector 24V 8A Medical IEC60601 battery charger for wheel chairs
24V 15A to 40A

Closed frame 24 Volt Large ultra-low noise lead acid chargers from 15 to 40 Amps

3 models of low noise 24v battery charger switchmode chargers designed to power equipment while also charging. In stock. 24V battery charger, high power, low cost, small size and weight 24 volt lead acid battery charger
24V 10A, 22A, 40A and 50 Versions

External High power 24V 10 Amps to 50 amps industrial grade lead acid battery chargers and rectifiers

4 models of industrial grade heavy duty 24V battery chargers. Made to order. external heavy duty industrial 24Volt lead acid battery chargers, 10A,  22A, 40A, and 50A versions
32V 7.5A
32V 16.5A

32 volt low noise, high reliability battery chargers

2 or 3 stage chargers for 32 volt lead acid batteries 32 volt battery charger, 32V lead acid charger
36V 1.8A

36V PST-G100-36

4 stage 1.8 Amp charger with LED progress gauge, alligator clips 48 volt 100 watt desulfating lead acid battery chargerPST-G100-36
36V 3A

36V PST-1PAA545

36 Volt 3 Amp sealed lead acid charger, alligator clips. Three stage charger and maintainer (also can come with Mini Moto connector) 36V battery charger, 36 Volt 3 Amp sealed lead acid charger, alligator clips or minimoto 3-pin. Three stage charger smart battery charger PST-1PAA545
36V 8A

36V QQE288-4CH41

36 Volt 8 amp 330 Watt SLA Charger  
36V 7 A
36V 15A

36 volt low noise high reliability chargers

Two or three-stage chargers for 36V lead acid batteries 36V battery charger, high power, low cost, small size and weight, 24 volt battery charger
36V 25A

36V QQE900-4CH52

36 Volt 25 Amp 900 Watt SLA Charger 36 volt 25 amp 900 watt SLA charger
48V 1.7A

Precision 48 volt 1.7 amp switchmode battery charger with LED charging monitor

48 volt 100 watt lead acid charger 48 volt 100 watt desulfating lead acid battery charger PST-G100-48
48V 15A

48 volt low noise chargers at 15 amps or 20 amps

Taper and 3-stage 48 volt chargers at 15amps 48V battery charger, small size, high power, low cost 48 volt lead acid battery charger
48V 5A, 11A, 20A or 25A

Heavy duty industrial 48VDC battery chargers

Multistage chargers with 110VAC or 220VAC input heavy duty industrial 48V lead acid battery chargers, 5A,  11A, 20A, and 25A versions
48V 3A

48V QQE240-6CH08

48 Volt 3 Amp 166 Watt SLA Charger 43 volt 3 amp intelligent charger for lead acid, vrla and sla batteries
48V 6A

48V QQE288-4CH42

48 Volt 6 amp 330 Watt SLA Charger 48vdc 6 amp SLA charger
48V 10A


48 Volt 10 Amp 550 Watt SLA Charger  
48V 25A

48V QQE1200-5CH07

48 Volt 25 Amp 1200 Watt lead acid and SLA Charger  
48V 120A


48 Volt 120A fast charger for golf carts and utility vehicles 8000W 48V 120A battery charger for golf carts and electric vehicles

72V lead acid chargers 3 amps, 7 amps, 13 amps or 16 amps

72 Volt battery chargers for railroad, marine, and electric vehicle applications 72V lead acid battery chargers for marine, rail  road, golf carts, floats and other electric vehicle applications
12 V

Battery Back Controller for Cars

This is a specialized charger module for car electronics. It charges an external battery and acts like a DC UPS to keep equipment running in a vehicle even when the vehicle power fails.
UPS for automobiles and cars

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