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1500 Watt Pure Sine wave DC to AC Inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverters 600 wattsMore Sine Wave Inverters In Stock for retail sales, click here
Big 1700 Watt (1400 Watt continuous) Inverter
Heavy duty inverter rated at 1700 Watts, 1400 continuous, 3000 Watts surge.

Optional Output Sockets

Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery chargers, UPS, and power supplies for OEMs in a hurry!

ROHS Compliant!
We have been looking for years for a reliable pure sine wave inverter. This is it. It is designed in North America and manufactured in a first-class ISO-9001 factory in China.

We have searched for a reliable pure sine inverter so you don't have to.
Quantity 1-10 11-50 51-100 100+
PST-PAPS1500 True Sine Wave Inverter
1500 Watts continuous, 3000 Watts Surge No Longer Available, sorry.      
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12 Volt DC Input Version PST-PAPS1500

Output power

1800W (15 minute maximum)

1500W continuous

3000W for surge output

Input voltage

DC 10.7V~15V

Output voltage

AC 120V

Output voltage regulation

+5% / -8% max.

Output wave form

Pure sine wave, total harmonic distortion less than 3%

Output frequency

60Hz ± 3 Hz

Battery low alarm

10.7V ± 0.5V

Battery low shutdown to protect battery from over discharge

10V ± 0.5V

Stand by current

1.6A max.


90% max.

Thermal protection

65° C (149°F)


Output short (by fuse)

High voltage input Battery low alarm

Battery low shutdown

Battery polarity reverse (by fuse)

Over load

Over temperature

AC output outlets

Three GFCI 3-prong AC outlets


Dimensions 11.2 x 3.9 x 16.3 in
Weight 6.6 Kgs / 15 lbs

Power cables for inverters
Feature Gold Plated ring terminals, enhanced flexibility, non-gripping cable, oxygen-free high conductivity copper.
Cable part number Price   Maximum temperature Wire Gauge Length Recommended Inverter Wattage  
PST-8-AWG6 105°C 8 AWG 6 ft 300 to 600 Watts .
PST-4-AWG3 105°C 4 AWG 3 ft 1000-1500 Watts .
PST- 4-AWG6 105°C 4 AWG 6 ft 1000-1500 watts .
PST-4-AWG12 105°C 4 AWG 12 ft 1000-1500 watts .
PST-2-AWG3 105°C 2 AWG 3 ft 1500 to 2300 Watts .
PST-2-AWG6 105°C 2 AWG 6 ft 1500 to 2300 Watts .
PST-2-AWG12 105°C 2 AWG 12 ft 1500 to 2300 Watts .
PST-0-AWG3 105°C 0 AWG 3 ft 2300 to 3500 Watts .
PST-0-AWG6 105°C 0 AWG 6 ft 2300 to 3500 Watts .
PST-0-AWG12 105°C 0 AWG 12 ft 2300 to 3500 Watts .


OEM Battery Chargers High quality inverter with relatively light weight for power supplied.

OEM Battery Chargers Protects battery from overdischarge damage.

OEM Power Supplies Alarm sounds some time before it cuts out due to low battery. How long this is depends on your battery capacity.

Note: these inverters are OEM/Wholesale only, minimum purchase quantities apply.

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