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Compact 12 Volt 2A, 10A, and 20A and 35A lead acid charger with rejuvenation and alternator tester

12 and 24 volt lead-acid chargers
48 volt sealed lead acid and VRSLA batteries 48 volt switchmode battery chargers
36 volt battery chargers 36 volt switchmode battery chargers
24 volt high efficency, high power lead acid battery chargers 24 volt switchmode battery chargers
Small 35 amp  lead acid car charger with desulfation function
12 volt up to 35 amps peak multistage charger with AC input. Connection to the battery uses alligator clips.


Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery chargers, UPS, and power supplies for OEMs in a hurry!

This is a nice little charger which uses switchmode technology rather than transformer technology. Switchmode makes it smaller, lighter, more efficient, and ensures a high degree of voltage regulation no matter what the AC input voltage is.

A typical transformer based 35 amp charger would weigh 40 pound, but using switchmode technology this one weighs less than 8 pounds.

The added voltage regulation of the switchmode power source makes it particularly useful when the car is a long way from the AC outlet because it compensates for AC voltage drop in the extension cord.
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with alligator clips
For charging 12V Pb-Acid batteries at up to 35 amps. Note the present stock is factory refurbished, 1 year PowerStream warranty No Longer Available,


OEM Battery Chargers Much lighter and smaller than transformer based chargers

OEM Battery Chargers Fully automatic, high frequency microcontroller operated 3 stage charger

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Panel includes four LED indicators plus a three digit alphanumeric display. It displays the rate of charge rate, operating mode, fault codes & charging complete.

OEM Battery Chargers Alternator test function lets you determine whether it is the battery or the car's charging system that is at fault.

OEM Battery Chargers Battery rejuvenation function can desulfate batteries to extend their useful life.

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Reverse polarity protection prevents any damage if the charger is hooked up backwards.

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