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April 25, 2024

Power supply for LG 15LW1R LCD Televisions

This high quality AC/DC switching power supply adapter is efficient and reliable.
The EA1050A-120 is original equipment for various LCD monitors including the
Sony CPD-G200
Aaeon AMB-280AT-B1
Qty 1-10
EA1050A-120 original equipment
Please note: LG uses two different power supplies
for this TV. This one has 12V output and no center pin in the plug iteslf. The connector measures 5.5OD x2.5ID x11mm

If your old power supply has 16V output and center pin use the EA1060A-63 (below)

EA1060A-63 original equipment
This one has 16V output and the DC plug has an outside diameter of 6.5 mm and a center pin, center positive.
PST-AC0407 lower cost option

This adjustable universal power supply will work for both because it is a adjustable and comes with both output plugs.
Part Number EA1050A-120
Parameter Original equipment 100 watt AC or DC input adapter
Higher lower cost power replacement
Output 12V 5A 12 volts, 15 volts, 16 volts, 18 volts, 19 volts, 20 volts or 21 volts, single output, user adjustable  
Output Power 60 Watts 90 Watts  
Input Voltage 110-240VAC 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz  
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz  
Excelent efficiency   85% at half load
82% at full load
No load overhead   600 mW 12 volt setting
1.5W 24 volt setting
Temperature   0° to 40° C Operating, overtemperature cutout is reset by removing and reapplying AC power.  
Overcurrent Protection Hiccough mode See table below for current cutout values at each voltage setting. Overcurrent protection is "hiccough mode" which automatically restarts when the overload is removed.  
Size   120mm x 70mm x 50mm (4.75 x 2.75 x 2 inches)  
Output Connectors Included 5.5x2.5x11mm 6.3 (O.D) x 3.0 (I.D) x 11(L) mm
5.5 (O.D) x 2.5 (I.D) x 11 (L) mm
5.0 (O.D) x 2.1 (I.D) x 11 (L) mm
4.75 (O.D) x 1.7 (I.D) x 11 (L) mm Y
EIAJ5 6.5 (O.D) x 4.3 (I.D) x 11 (L) x 1.4 (PIN) mm
Agency Approvals   CE, double insulated  
International adpaters   European 2 prong AC travel adapter included  
How Many Amps or Watts are Too Many? In a regulated power supply, such as these switchmode power supplies, amps don't matter as long as you have enough. Excess amperage is just held in reserve. An anology is "doubling the size of your water heater won't make your shower pressure change."

Unregulated power supplies (such as wall-mount transformers) are different, since they are built to supply a specific voltage at a specific amperage. If you draw less amperage the voltage will go up.

In conclusion, a higher current rating won't hurt your appliance as long it is a regulated power supply, such as these. For unregulated power supplies the specification should be close to the original.  

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