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May 12, 2021

Reports on counterfeit high discharge 18650s

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One of our friends sent us a very convincing fake recently. Unless you had a genuine VTC5 to compare it with, and you looked very carefully you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. The visual differences we saw was that the RU mark was somewhat crude, the black plastic cover on the positive end was shiny rather than slightly mat, and the positive terminal had stretch marks where it was bent and stamped, whereas the genuine one did not show stretch marks. Most telling was the discharge curves.

In the chart below we just threw in all the curves we have measured on a genuine VTC5 and the two curves measured on the fake one. Note that at at 10 amps the fakes look very good for short discharges, but they only have 1830mAH rather than the 2400+ of the VTC5. I have included Sony's curves below it. Our curves don't look exactly like theirs because we have half an ohm or so of resistance in our tester which drops the measured voltage at high currents.

showing genuine and fake battery discharge curves

Sony VTC5 Discharge curves:

Sony US18650VTC5 discharge curves VTC5
Here is the VTC5 discharge curve that goes up to 40 Amps
VTC5 discharge curves up to 40 amps

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