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January 9, 2019

24 Volt 150 Watt DIN Rail Backup Power Supplies

24 volt 150 watt power supply with battery backup
The PST-SP24-150 series of battery back up power supplies consist of a universal input (90 to 265 volts AC, 47 to 63 Hz, or 130 to 375VDC) 24 volt power supply with a DC Battery Backup feature and switch. It can charge any 24 volt SLA, gel cell, VRLA, or AGM lead acid battery and instantly switch over to battery power upon power failure with zero crossover time. These power supplies can be used with or without the battery as convenient DIN rail mount power supplies. The charge rate depends on the exact voltage that the power supply is set for, but can be up to 3A minus the load current.
12 volt and 24 volt DC UPS battery back up switching power supply
12V and 24V Volt Battery Backup Power Supply and DC UPS
48V 150w Din rail mount battery backup power supply
150 Watt 48V version

The battery voltage is not regulated, and the output during AC operation is the same as the battery charge voltage so the 24 volt system will vary from about 27 to 20 volts during battery operation. If battery back-up is not required there is pot for adjusting the voltage which is accessible from the front panel.

These units can also be used as high voltage input DC/DC converters with battery backup. The input voltage can be DC instead of AC if the supply voltage is between 130 to 375 VDC.
PST-SP24-150 Quantity 1-9 10-99 100-199 200+
24 volt, 150 Watt add_to_cart.gif $147 $128 $110 $98
VOLTAGE 24V adjustable between 21.6 Volts and 28 Volts
VOLTAGE WHEN USED WITH BATTERY BACKUP FUNCTION User must adjust the output voltage to 26 to 27.6 volts to ensure battery charging
Low Voltage Battery Cutoff? No
CROSSOVER TIME zero crossover time
Connections Screw terminals, output on the top and input on the bottom
Screw terminal torque values 0.4-0.5 N-m
DIMENSIONS 71mm x 132mm x 117mm
WEIGHT 1000 grams, 2.2 lbs
INPUT VOLTAGE 90-265VAC or 130 - 375 VDC
OPERATION TEMP -15~+70°C, derate 50% over 45°C
PROTECTIONS Short circuit, over temperature, output overvoltage,
EFFICIENCY >91% typical
POWER FACTOR 99% typical
Certificates None at present
Use DIN-rails according to EN60715 or EN50022 with a height of 7.5 or 15mm  
ROHS ROHS available on special order
Overcurrent protection The power supply will continue to supply power up to about 140% of rated current and then will go into "hiccough" mode, turning on briefly to check if the current is too high, then turn off again. During the "off" phase of the hiccough battery power is present.
LED Indicator LED is on when DC output is present

  • Universal input AC/DC switching power supply with DC UPS
  • DC Battery Backup, charges 24 volt lead acid battery and switches over to battery power upon power failure with zero crossover time
  • During Power Failure the battery voltage passes through without regulation
  • Output Voltage adjustment
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Natural convection cooling, no fan
  • Over Current protection
  • High efficiency switching power supply with universal input and battery back up
  • The battery is external and can be sized to meet your backup needs
  • The battery is not included in the price, but can be obtained from PowerStream
  • Soft start

Mounting drawing of the PST-SP48-150 48V battery backup power supply

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