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January 15, 2024

24VAC to 5VDC 5 Amp AC/DC Converter

24VAC to 5V 5A AC/DC low voltage converter
The PST-AC24DC5 is a small 25 Watt switchmode power supply with 24VAC input and 5VDC output. It is useful for powering 5V modems, USB chargers, relays, data loggers, LEDs, video cameras, door bells, wireless and fiber rf transceivers, and sensors from a 24VAC (10VAC to 28VAC) power bus.

24VAC systems are widespread because the low voltage is safe. They are used for door bells, dental offices, security systems, irrigation systems, and CCTV. Adding a 5V device is now simple. The PST-AC24DC5 can also be adjusted to other voltages via a trim pot, as long as the output voltage is lower than the input voltage.

Tiny switchmode 24VAC to 5VDC 5A

  Quantity 1-9 10-49 50-99 100-199 200+
5V output set at factory
add_to_cart.gif $28.50 $25.90 $23.60 $21.50 $19.10
PST-AC24DC5   Range
Input voltage AC 24VAC nominal 10VAC to 28VAC
Input voltage range Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage. Input voltage range 8VAC-30VAC (see table below, input must be at least 15.5VAC for 5A output).  
Input voltage DC Also operates on DC input voltage if desired 10VDC to 40VDC
Output voltage 5VDC (Adjustable between 1VDC and 18VDC with 24VAC input)  
Output voltage adjustment Voltage adjustment is through a multi-turn trim pot  
Output Current Depends on the output voltage, see table below, up to 36W  
Input Frequency 50Hz, 60Hz, DC 48 Hz to 65 Hz
Voltage Accuracy ±3% at 0.2A load
Switchmode frequency 150kHZ  
Load regulation <1.2% over the output current range from 0.2 to 1.5A  
Protections Short circuit protect, current limit protection  
Operating Temperature -40°C to +80°C  
Storage Temperature -50°C to +108°C  
Thermal Shutdown 135°C internal temperature  
Connection Wire leads, input and output  
DC input When using a direct current input, connect the plus and minus to the input terminals, it doesn't matter which is the plus or minus, since we put a full bridge rectifier on the input, which will sort it correctly.  
Isolation The output is not isolated from the input, the plus and minus output leads must not be electrically connected to either of the AC input wires.  
Wire gauge 18 AWG  
Weight 2.8 oz., 80 grams  
Dimensions 38 x 85 x 23 mm  
Warranty 1 year  

The following table gives a snapshot of a few voltages and output currents that gives an idea of the capabilities. The converter is designed to use 24VAC input, but can be operated at lower input voltages depending on the output voltage and current:<

Output Voltage Current RMS Ripple* Minimum input voltage Tested input voltage
1 Volt 4A 7mV 10VAC  
2V 7A 9mV 10VAC  
3.3V 7A 9mV 10.5VAC  
5V 0.8A   8VAC  
5V 1.1A   9VAC  
5V 1.6A   10VAC  
5V 2.5A   11.5VAC  
5V 5A   15.5VAC  
6V 2A 50mV 10.5VAC  
6V 5A   17.5 VAC  
8V 2A   12VAC  
8V 4A   16VAC  
10V 1A   12VAC  
10V 2A   15VAC  
10V 3A   17VAC  
10V 5A   20VAC  
12V 1A   14VAC  
12V 2A   16VAC  
12V 3A 47mV 19VAC 24VAC
14V 3.5A 50mV 22VAC 24VAC
15V 3A     24VAC
16V 3A     24VAC
18V 3A     24VAC

* 50/60Hz ripple will go down as the current goes down, as it is due to the size of the input capacitors.

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