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February 27, 2024

48 Volt 100 watt solar charge controllers for wireless Ethernet and WiFi installations

12 Volt Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller

These compact 48 volt solar charge controllers are made specifically for small, low power wireless Ethernet and WiFi installations. They use energy harvesting to extract as much energy as possible from a nominal 48 volt solar panel, to charge a 48 volt sealed lead acid battery. The 48V solar charger controller also protects the battery from being over-discharged. The output of the battery is controlled so when the battery gets too low in voltage the power is cut off. When the power returns the unit will turn back on.
  • Efficient "Accumulate and Dump" PWM energy harvesting algorithm.
  • Electronic Overcharge Protection & back current blocking to PV panel.
  • Low voltage battery disconnect and reconnect at DC output.
  • All switching is done solid-state, no relays are used.
Model 1-10 11-100 100+
SBL-2402-48 $38.00
$33.50 $29.00
SBL-2402-48 replaces the SBC-2402-48
Lead Acid Battery Voltage
48 VDC
Solar PV panel open circuit voltage
68-100 VDC
Continuous charge/load current
2 A
Maximum solar PV short circuit current
6 A
Water resistant for use outside
Fully potted
Maximum solar charge current
4 A
Maximum load power
100 W
Standby quiescent current (no load or PV)
30 mA
Voltage across terminals (PV to Battery)
0.6 V
Voltage across terminals (Battery to Load)
0.3 V
Electronic Blocking of solar panel from battery
Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
Overcharge & Over-discharge Protection
Short circuit protection
Low battery shut-down voltage for load
< 40V ± 1V
Low voltage recovery for load
> 44 V ± 1V
73(W) x 45(D) x 20(H) mm
2.9(W) x 1.8 (D) x 0.8 (H) inches
Operating Ambient Temperature for charge controller
-10 to +60 °C

-14 to 140 °F
Battery charging voltage setting
Sealed battery setting 57.2 ± 0.6V
Wet battery setting 59.2 ± 0.6V
Certifications Designed to Meet UL, ROHS compliant
The user's manual for the 48V solar charge controller  

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