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June 20, 2023

High Power 48V 15A LiFePO4 battery chargers, 500 Watts, and for 16 cell packs

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48VDC battery charger for lithium iron phosphate and lithium ion batteries High power battery charger for lithium iron phosphate batteries

PST-L500CM-48F 48V lithium iron phosphate charger 9 Amps add_to_cart.gif $235

Summary:48V 9Amp lithium iron phosphate battery charger

Suggested Applications: For charging electrical bicycles, scooters, robots, and power packs. This model can be made for batteries from 7 Series to 18 Series packs.
General Information
Model PST-L500CM-48F
Function 48V (54.6V) Volt battery charger for Li-iron phosphate 16-cell batteries
Type Battery charger for lithium packs. Can be left on the battery without causing damage, also useful for battery maintainer applications.
Technical Information
Rated input voltage 90-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Battery type 48V nominal 16-cell series LFP battery
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
Battery voltage 48 volts nominal
Battery size 3 AH to 30+ AH packs
Charger type Constant Current/ Constant Voltage precision charger
Charging current 9Amps or 9000mA peak charge
Charging algorithm
This is the "European" charge algorithm that does not float charge the battery at the last stage, but still keeps it maintained. (see the graph below)
Constant current/constant voltage
Stage 1 slow start, pre-charge function for deeply discharged packs
Stage 2 bulk charge stage. 9 amps are applied to the battery until the voltage rises to 54.6 volts
Stage 4 constant voltage state until the charge current falls to 400mA
Stage 5. The charger turns off.
Output power 500W peak
Output voltage 58.4 volts maximum during charge
Size 223 X 125 X 71 mm, 8.8 x 5 x 2.75 inches
Style Set top
Environment -20°C to +50°C operating, -40°C to +70°C storage
Weight 1200 grams, 2.6 lbs
Output options included 5.5 mm OD x 2.1 mm ID barrel, center positive More barrel connector adapters available separately, see below
Protections Over Voltage Protection, Output current protection, reverse polarity protection (auto-clearing), short circuit protection (auto-clearing)
Efficiency >80%
Safety CE marked, designed to EN60950, GB4946, UL1950
HiPot, ESD Hi-Pot 3000 V, 1 minute, ESD 8000V
MTBF 30,000 hours by MIL-STD calculation
Cooling Fan
LED Indications Power on, but no battery connected Power LED red
Slow start Red
Charging Red
Charged Green
Reverse polarity, or shorted output Red flashing
No battery connected Power LED is on, but the other one is off


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