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High Reliabilty Automobile to Laptop DC/DC Converter Retail Sales for Bluedisk Computers Laptop & Notebook Computers

Click here to jump to the table to find your computer and compatiblity with our car to notebook DC/DC Adpaters.

Manufacturer Model Description. Connector Polarity DC AC Power
Bluedisk Computers Bluedisk Artworker C Series
Bluedisk Computers Artworker C80 19V-2.9A 5.5x2.5Barrel connectors come in different sizes center + Car adapter DC converter $79.30
add_to_cart.gif ED1075-50
$67.50 add_to_cart.gif
view_cart.gif EA1060B-53
60 Watt
Bluedisk Bluedisk Artworker D Series
Bluedisk Computers Artworker D470K, D470V
Artworker DK7, DK7-3000+
Artworker DV4, DV4-306T
Artworker DW7, DW7-306T
19V-6.3A 5.5x2.5Barrel connectors come in different sizes center + Automobile DC converter $107.50 add_to_cart.gif
view_cart.gif ED1010-54
AC/DC Power Adapter
add_to_cart.gif view_cart.gif EA10953-50
120 Watt

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