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April 17, 2023

BP12-12 Genuine Sealed Lead Acid Batteries from B&B Battery

Lowest prices and widest selection anywhere for B&B SLA Batteries.

BP12-12 genuine BB SLA battery B&B Battery (also known as Best & Best Battery or BB Battery) is one of the top three sealed lead acid battery companies. PowerStream is proud to be a Technical Representative for B&B and we sell only genuine BB Batteries. The BP12-12 is used in many alarm systems, yard and gardening equipment, and even some starting-motor applications.  Highest Quality Sealed Lead Acid Batteries from B&B Battery
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BP SERIES General Purpose Applications Voltage & Capacity Length inches Width Height Height including terminals   Terminal Type Battery Weight Pounds Qty. 1-9 Qty. 10+ Data Sheet Special
12 Volt 12 Amp Hour B&B Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
BP12-12-T2 12V 12Ah 5.94 3.86 3.7 3.86   9.15 lbs
$46.10 each

$41.96 each
BP12-12 DataBP12-12 Data Sheet In Stock BB Battery
12V 12Ah 5.94 3.86 3.7 3.86   9.15 lbs     BP12-12 DataBP12-12 Data Sheet Call BB Battery

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for any purpose. Click below on your application:

BP Series PageBP Series: General Purpose Applications and BP-RT recessed terminal
MLP Series PageNew BPL Series: Designed for Long Life Standby Use B&B Battery

EP Series PageEP Series: Deep Discharge Cycling B&B Battery
HR Series PageHR Series: UPS and High Discharge Rate B&B Battery
EVP Series PageEVP Series: High Discharge Rate and Deep Discharge B&B Battery
MLP Series PageMPL Series: Large High Capacity Deep Discharge B&B Battery
MLP Series PageMaterial Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) , Safety Procedures, Transportation
MLP Series PageCross Reference Table for B&B and Other Manufacturers

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