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February 7, 2023

Iron-Silver Battery Chemistry FAQ

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Iron Silver Cells

These have a very high energy density, and a good cycle life. It is an alkaline battery with a KOH electrolyte, and the working materials are silver oxide and metallic iron. The high cost of these batteries have long been a problem, but an ounce of silver in a cell phone battery would probably cost less than an ounce of the rare earths now used in some NiMH batteries. The electrolyte is typically KOH solution.

The iron-silver battery has good cycle life, is resistant to damage from over-charge and over-discharge, and since the reaction products are iron or silver particles the conductivity of the metals tends to keep the cell's internal resistances low at all states of charge, and a flat voltage discharge curve.
Reaction Voltage
4AgO + 3Fe +4H2O=Fe3O4·4H20 + 4Ag 1.1V

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