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How to Specify Custom & Semi-Custom DC/DC Converters

PowerStream designs and manufactures custom DC-DC converters as well as off-the-shelf and semi-custom DC-DC converters.

Specializing in the custom design and manufacturing of switching power supplies and intelligent battery chargers for OEMs in a hurry.
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Specification of Custom DC/DC Converters

Custom and semi-custom DC-DC converters are becoming more common in electronics system design. Therefore they are becoming surprisingly affordable. PowerStream can supply samples of custom converters in as little as 2 weeks.

The advantages of custom DC to DC Converters are:

  1. Power where you need it, rather than routed in
  2. Non-isolated prevents grounding problems
  3. Isolation allows you to float a power supply
  4. Extra wide input voltage range, or multiple inputs
  5. Lower cost in high volume
  6. Higher efficiency than home brew
  7. Extra protection from line voltage fluctuations, noise, and spikes
  8. Several voltages, or several isolated voltages
  9. Using a single converter for multiple voltages cuts the DC to DC converter overhead losses
  10. Adjustable voltage DC to DC converter speeds product design
  11. Special voltages free you from having to work around off-the-shelf solutions
  12. Output sequencing can be incorporated into the DC to DC converter
  13. Current limited converters are perfect for battery charging, and laser capacitor banks
  14. Remote voltage sensing allows the DC to DC converter to control the voltage at the end of a cable
  15. Low noise, special size or mechanical configuration, extra wide voltage range.
  16. Annunciation allows you to monitor the state of the DC to DC converter
  17. Off-the-shelf DC to DC converters sometimes require that you must run the output close to the voltage input limit, which is hard on the DC to DC converter, and reduces the power efficiency, increase the noise, and increase the temperature.
  18. The DC to DC converter can be configured to have a battery backup.

Automobile to Laptop DC power supply
24 volt to 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, or 12 volt DCDC converter
12 DC Regulated Switching Power Supply DCDC converter
24 volt to 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, or 12 volt converters DCDC converters
48 volt to 13.8 volt DCDC converter
Custom features available in custom and semi-custom DC-DC converters are:
  • Nominal Input Voltage
  • Input voltage range
  • Cut off if voltage goes outside a certain range
  • Output voltage
  • Output voltage stability
  • Output current limit
  • Ability to trim voltage in the factory or in the field
  • Ability to adjust voltage in the factory, or as a feature of the end use via a potentiometer
  • Ability to control the voltage with an external signal, for example in a light dimming circuit, capacitive discharge spot welder, or laser capacitor bank.
  • Size and mechanical configuration
  • Buck converters can only reduce the input voltage, Boost converters can only increase the input voltage. Buck/Boost converters can do both.
  • Noise reduction can be tailored to your needs. For example, to avoid audio noise, or a specific radio band noise. Also DC-DC converter switching frequency can be selected to avoid sensitive bands.
  • For multiple outputs low current outputs can be implemented with a linear circuit, which is cheaper than a separate DC-DC converter and reduces noise.

Semi-Custom DC/DC Converters from PowerStream

The following DC/DC Converters can be designed using existing circuits, extrusions, and hardware. The cost to develop such a DC converter is $500 to $5000 depending on complexity, and the minimum order is 20 to 100 pieces.

Semi-Custom Buck DC/DC Converters (Voltage Reducing DC/DC Converters)

  • 100 watt, 150 Watt, 300 Watt, 400 Watt, 600 Watt, 800 Watt peak output
  • Ratio of input to output voltage 3:1 or less
  • Input voltage less than 100 volts
  • Output voltage greater than 2.5 volts

Semi-Custom Boost DC/DC Converters (Voltage Increasing DC/DC Converters)


  • 500 watt, 700 watt, 100 watt peak output
  • Ratio of input to output voltage 3:1 or less
  • Input voltage greater than 8 volts (lower input voltages are possible at reduced power)
  • Output voltage less than 100 volts

Semi-Custom Buck-Boost DC/DC Converters (Voltage Increasing and Decreasing DC/DC Converters)


  • 100-200 watt peak output
  • Input voltage can span output voltage ±40%
  • Input voltage greater than 8 volts (lower input voltages are possible at reduced power)
  • Output voltage less than 100 volts

Custom DC/DC Converters from PowerStream

We can design what you need!


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