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2 January, 2018

Quality Digital DC Clamp-on Ammeters

Clamp on ammeter measures DC amps with no contact

DC Clamp meter Model  
PST-CM01 Clamp on multimeter
10 mA resolution
Out of stock, sorry.

PST-PR11 Clamp on multimeter 1 mA resolution
No longer available, sorry
This is a very handy tool for engineers working with batteries, power supplies, chargers, electric bicycles and vehicles. You just clamp the sensor over one of the current carrying wires and read the amps. No need to break the circuit because it is contactless. It is much safer than using an ammeter that is inserted in-line less disturbing to the circuit, and much more convenient.

Theory of operation: To do a contactless measurement with the clamp ring this ammeter uses a hall effect device to measure the axial magnetic field generated in the wire by current flowing through it. The clamp surrounds the wire, which is creating a magnetic field around it according to Ampere's Law. The magnetic field is concentrated by an iron core contained in the clamp. The magnetic field is sensed at an air gap that contains a semiconductor hall effect detector. Current flowing through the silicon chip is deflected by the magnetic field creating a voltage perpendicular to the direction of electron flow. This voltage is detected and converted to amps by the internal microprocessor and displayed on the LCD panel.

The direction of the magnetic field depends on the direction of current flow in the wire and is indicated by the plus and minus ampere readings. An arrow in the clamp ring indicates the polarity.

These clamp-on DC reading ammeters are very hard to find, usually digital clamp-on ammeters are AC only. Since they are so useful in the power supply and battery industries we hunted these down and can offer them at a very affordable price.

As an added bonus these also can measure AC current through the clamp, as well as AC and DC voltage and continuity check through test leads. This is an essential instrument for auto shops, electronics labs, bicycle shops, product development labs, wheelchair technicians and everyone who needs to know how many amps is flowing in a wire. They are good for working in crowded switch box, panels, and wire harnesses.

We have two models. The PST-CM01 has a maximum current reading of 200 amps and a resolution of 10 mA. The PST-PR11 has a maximum current reading of 30 amps and an incredible resolution of 1 mA for DC and 0.1 mA for AC measurements.

Note and Warning: Many clamp-on meters claim to measure DC current, but when you buy them the DC measurements are made with leads, not the clamps. We have tested many clamp-on meters, and unfortunately the cheaper ones on the market have been useless, or they only measure large DC currents, 100s of amps, not much use for most engineering.
  • 3-3/4 digit large LCD display providing 4000 count with symbols
  • Clamp current test up to 200 Amps DC or 30 Amps DC (or AC)
  • Additional voltage, resistance, frequency continuity check features on the PST-CM01 using leads
  • Additional voltage feature on the PST-PR11 using leads
  • DC Amps zero adjust function
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • 23 mm Large Jaw Diameter
  • Data Hold and Auto-Off Functions
  • Quality instruments, made in Taiwan
  • Size: 182mm x 50mm x 35mm
PST-CM01 200 Amp Max, 10 mA resolution





DCA 0-40A (clamp) 10mA +/- 1.0%
+/- 2dgts
DCA 0-150A (clamp) 100mA +/- 1.0%
+/-2 dgts
DCA 150-200A (clamp) 100mA -2.2%
+/- 2dgts
ACA 0-40A (clamp) 10mA +/- 1.0%
+/- 3 dgts
ACA 0-150A (clamp) 100mA +/- 1.0%
+/- 3 dgts
ACA 150-200A (clamp) 100mA -2.2%
+/- 3dgts
DCV 0-400V (leads) 0.1 V +/- 1.0%
+/- 2dgts
ACV 0-400V (leads) 0.1 V +/- 1.0%
+/- 2 dgts
W0-400W(leads) 0.1W +/- 1.0%
beep sounds if < 40W (Approx.)
Hz 0-1000KHz (leads) 0.1-100 +/- 0.5%
+/- 2dgts
1V sensitivity Auto Range

PST-PR11 40 Amp Max, 1 mA resolution
Range Output Accuracy
DCA 0-4000mA (clamp) 1mA +/- 1.5%rdg
+/- 5dgts
DCA 0-30A (clamp) 10mA +/- 1.5%rdg
+/- 3dgts
ACA 0-400mA (clamp) 0.1mA +/- 1.5%rdg
+/- 5dgts
True RMS
ACA 0-4000mA (clamp) 1mA +/- 1.5%rdg
+/- 8dgts
True RMS
ACA 0-30A (clamp) 10mA +/- 2.0%rdg
+/- 5dgts
True RMS
DCV 0-400V (leads) 0.1V +/- 1.0%rdg
+/- 3dgts
ACV 0-400V (leads) 0.1V +/- 2.0%rdg
+/- 5dgts
True RMS
Power Source:
2 X 1.5V AA UM3 Batteries
Current Consumption: 10mA

Operating Condition:
-10oC to 50oC at 85% max. RH
Agency Approvals:cUL EN61010-2-032, CE CAT II 600V, CAT III 300V

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