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April 25, 2023

High Power DC Source Chargers for charging 24 volt lead acid batteries from a 24 volt (20-30 volt) power source

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DC Source Battery Charger for wheelchairs, scooters, bicycles, and wheel chairs Inexpensive 4 stage, 3 level microprocessor controlled lead acid battery charger voltage charger with 20 VDC to 30 VDC input. Charge 24 volt lead acid batteries. Charge a small battery from a large one, or from an automobile, truck, tractor or back-hoe.

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Model Number PST-BC2424-10
DCDC Charger
Quantity 1-9 10-99 100-499 500+
DC input Charger
DC Source Battery Charger for wheelchairs, scooters, bicycles, and wheel chairs

No longer available at this time, sorry
please consider https://www.powerstream.com/DCC-2412-extreme.htm
XLR Charger Cable
charger cable with a standard wheelchair connector
DC/DC Converter Regulator
Model Number PST-BC2424-10
DCDC Charger
Input Voltage Range 20 VDC to 30 VDC
Battery Voltage (nominal) 24 Volts
Continuous Charging Current 5 Amps
Charge Current Options The bulk charge current can be adjusted to 1-10 amps by internal trim pots. "High" and "Low" limits can be changed independently
Charging Algorithm 4 stage, 3 level adaptive microprocessor controlled
Battery Size 0.5 AH to 100+ AH
Protections Low input voltage protection
High input voltage protection
Over temperature protection
Output short circuit protection
Battery polarity protection
Dimensions 200 x 164 x 67 mm
7.9 x 6.7 x 2.8 inches
Click Here for a Dimensioned Drawing.
Isolation Non-isolated, the negatives are common on the input and output
Connection Input: screw terminals
Output: binding posts
Cooling Controlled DC Fan
Operating Temperature 0-55°C
Weight 1.5 kg, 3.3 pounds
The following table describes the display of LED lights at different stages of charging:
Status Completion Red LED 1 Red LED 2 Yellow LED Green LED
Standby   LEDs cycle while waiting
Trickle before bulk charge 0-10% The two red LEDs cycle Off Off
Bulk charge 10-90% Off Red 2 and yellow cycle Off
Fill charge (also known as "over charge") 90-99%     Yellow and green cycle
Float charge 100%       Green flash
Low battery voltage alarm   Flash Off Off Off
High battery voltage alarm   Off Flash Off Off
Low input voltage alarm   Flash Off On Off
High input voltage alarm   Off Flash On Off
Over temperature alarm   Off Off Flash Off

Q: Can I leave the battery continuously on the charger?
A: Yes, the charger will go into "maintenance mode" and keep the battery topped off.
Q: Can I draw power from the battery when the charger is connected?
A: Probably. . . There is some pulsing going on with the charger which your equipment might not be happy with (it is a pulse-charger, 1 second pulses with 20mS gaps), but if you combine this with the battery the battery will fill in the gaps, so the ripple is no more than it would see in an automotive application.
Q: If I discharge the battery while the charger is attached will the charger maintain a full charge?
A: Yes, When the charger detects that the battery voltage has dropped it knows that the battery needs to be charged and goes into "bulk charge" mode again automatically.
Q: Can the charger be left connected to the battery when the charger is not turned on, or when the input voltage of the charger has been cut off?
A: Yes, but there is an 80mA draw from the battery..
Q: Can the charger be adjusted to lower currents?
A: Yes. There are two trimpots that we can adjust here or click here to view the instructions


OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive DC input charger.

OEM Battery Chargers Protects even small 24 volt batteries from gassing or damage.

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Charge efficiency is 95% for the a SLA, VRLA, or Gel Cell battery and 85% for the charger, making a combined efficiency of 81%. So a 24 volt 100 AH battery would be able to charge a 24 volt 10 AH battery 8 or 9 times before the host battery needed recharge.


OEM Battery Chargers Charging wheel chairs, bicycles, and scooters in a humvee, firetruck or bus.

OEM Battery Chargers Microprocessor controlled 4 stage adaptive charging algorithm suitable for Gel, Absorbed Glass Mat, VRLA, or flooded lead acid batteries.

OEM Battery Chargers Fully automatic without intervention.

OEM Battery Chargers For Charging 24 volt sealed lead acid batteries or gel cells from a 24 volt vehicle or other 24 volt source.

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Four stage charge--constant current, constant voltage, fill, and float. This charges your battery the fastest way possible without damaging the battery. It is suitable for any size 24 volt lead acid battery.

OEM Battery Chargers Output short circuit and battery polarity protections. Input low voltage and high voltage connections.

OEM Battery Chargers Charging 24 volt "jump start" batteries from a 24 volt tow truck or service vehicle.

OEM Battery Chargers Charging 24 volt electric bicycle from a 24 volt vehicle.

Installation Notes:
  1. A qualified automotive electrical technician should be used to wire the charger into the vehicle.
  2. PowerStream has the connector that fits into many wheelchairs ( we have the 3 pin XLR style in stock ). Consult the manufacturer or a wheel chair technician to obtain the proper cable and plug. (If you know about such things please educate us!)
  3. The BC-2424 converts 24 volt power into 24 volt power, so for a 5 amp output the input needs over 6 amps. Make sure that the wires connecting the BC-2424 are adequate for the current and the length of the run. If the voltage drop in the wires are too much the "Low Battery Voltage" alarm will come on. Wires that are too small may also overheat and melt the insulation, causing a dangerous situation. 12 gauge is usually adequate for runs up to 20 feet of wire (adding together the positive and negative wire lengths).
  4. Try to connect or disconnect the battery when the charger power is "on." It is possible but extremely rare for the charger to go into a fault mode if the battery is connected first, but cycling the power switch will clear this "false fault."
  5. It is OK to leave the unit on the charger when the power to the charger goes on and off.
  6. Mount the BC-2424 in an area that will get adequate ventilation and will be free from rain, spray, or excessive dust.

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