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320 Watt 24 volt DC Input PC ATX-12 Style Power Supply

DC Input ATX style power supply, 24 volts input DC Input ATX-12 Style power supplies

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12 volt input DC ATX power supplies for cars 24 volt input DC ATX power supplies 48 volt input DC ATX power supplies 120 volt input DC ATX power supplies
12 volt input DC ATX power supplies 24 volt input DC ATX power supplies 48 volt DC input ATX Power Supplies 120VDC input ATX Power Supplies

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Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery chargers, UPS, and power supplies for OEMs in a hurry!

These are industrial grade power supplies with 24 volt DC input. They are useful for applications where battery or solar power is available. For use in 12 volt cars, see our 12V/24 volt converters.
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1 - 10 pieces The PRMD320-A is no longer carried, click here for alternatives


1. Designed to meet CE Mark/UL mark
2. DC powered ATX 2.03 version 20 pin connector included (ATX-12V)
3. Remote ON/OFF
4. Built in EMI Filter
5. "Power Good" signal
6. Terminal strip for DC input
7. Click here for a -48VDC input ATX-12 power supply
8. DC 24 volt nominal, 18-32 VDC INPUT
9. Industrial quality design and manufacturing
10.Remote Sense for Main Output
11.100% ATE Test
12.100% Hi-pot Test
13.100% Burn-in
14.Warranty : One year

Click here for PDF Data Sheet
  Input Range Max
+5 V +3.3 V +12 V -5 V - 12 V +5 V SB

(formerly PSC-32060-470 or PSC-35060-8)
18-32 VDC, 24V nominal 320 W 32 A 20 A 11 A 1 A 3 A 1 A
Detailed Specification:
Model\Output V / A V / A V / A V / A V / A VSB /A
PSC-32060-470 (formerly PSC-35060-8) +5/32.0 +12/11.0 -5/1.00 -12/3.00 +3.3/20.0 +5/1A
  Amps 32 Amps 11 Amps 1 Amp 3 Amps 20 Amps 1 Amp  
  Minimum Load 2.5 Amps 0.5 Amps 0 Amps 0 Amps 0.1 Amps 0 Amps  
Note:Combined Total Power From +3.3V And +5V rails Not to Exceed 160W. Total Power 320W Max.
Output Line Regulation   1%      
    Load Regulation   5%      
    Ripple & Noise   1%      
  Hold-up time   16ms      
 Input PSC Input Voltage 24Vdc nominal, 18-32 volts range
-48Vdc (38-72VDC) click here
  Input Current 24V/25Amp
Protection Over Power Protection Yes      
  Over Voltage Protection Yes
  Short Circuit Protection Yes (All Outputs)
Environment Operating Temperature 00C To 500C
  Storage Temperature -200C To 850C
Efficiency 70%   Typical at full load
Safety UL/cUL   UL1950
  TUV   EN60 950
  CISPR   Class B
  EMC   CE Mark
Dimension L x W x H 140 x 150 x 86 ( mm )
Connector diagram   For Pinout Diagram Click Here  
Dimensions of ATX-12 computer power supply with 24 volt input:

Wiring diagram, the plus is the closest to the fan, the minus the farthest and the middle is the frame ground
Showing the connectors on this ATX-12 DC input power supply


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