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April 18, 2023

EA1050F-120 12 Volt power supply useful for 3A, 4A, or 5A LCD Televisions

12 volt  3 Amp switching power supply for Magavox and other LCD TVs

This high quality 12 volt AC/DC switching power supply adapter is useful for any application requiring UL/CUL approved 12 volts at 3 amps or less.

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. In Stock Price, $57.50 each.
EA1050F-120F AC/DC Power Supply Adapters for LCD TV, Sony CPD-G200, Hannspree, Audiovox (and others)  
Price $59.50
Genuine OEM part in Stock
If it does not have the connector at right don't order this one
5.5x2.5x11mm barrel connector
Barrel connectors come in different sizes
Price $29.50
100W aftermarket power supply guaranteed to work with your TV
100 watt AC or DC input adapter




47 TO 63 Hz


1.) 1.2 A MAX., AT 115Vac FULL LOAD 2.) 0.6 A MAX., AT 230Vac FULL LOAD

1-4 efficiency

80% typ. At full load, (cv mode), nominal line 1-5 inrush current 1.) 40a max. At 115vac cold start 2.) 80a max. At 230vac cold start 1-6 hold up time 8.3ms min.at full load, nominal line 1-7 configuration 3-wire input ac line(line ,neutral,fg) 1-8 input fuse

The hot line side of the input shall have a fuse 1-9 line regulation

    The maximum voltage change on dc output shall be within tolerance when ac input voltage varies within the range specified in 1-1 1-10 input protection device

An adequate internal fuse on the ac input line shall be provided 1-11 power line noise the power supply will have an on board ac filter that will meet conducted noise specifications of fcc and cispr 1-12 hi-pot tests primary-secondary 4.242kvdc for 3 secs (leakage current 10ma) 1-13 insulation resistance insulation resistance shall be more than 100mohm at 500vdc between primary line, neutral line and secondary2-0 OUTPUT REQUIREMENTS 2-1 DC OUTPUT








+12 Vdc


5.0 A or less

11.4-12.6 Vdc



+/-5% excursion for 50% - 100% or 100%-50% load change of dc output at any frequency up to 1khz (duty 50%)

2-3 ripple noise

The power supply shall not exceed the following limits on the indicated voltages for 60hz or 50hz ripple , switching frequency ripple and noise and dynamic load variations measured with a 20mhz bandwidth






Output: out voltage

Ripple/noise: 60hz ripple + switching ripple and noise

 are measured at the end of output cables which are added a 0.1uf ceramic capacitor and a 47uf electrolytic capacitor 2-4 over current protection (over power protection). The power supply shall not be damaged by a over current from the output to return line

Output voltage



+12 vdc


7.0 a


2-5 overvoltage protection

16v max. (Output clampled with zener diode, do not test with external dcSource)

2-6 short-circuit protection

    A short circuit place at any output will cause no damage to this adapter

2-7 open circuit protection

When primary power is supplied with no load on any output level,no damages or hazardous conditions should occur


2-8 stability

  2% max. At constant load with constant input (after 30 minutes of operation)


2-9 drop-out(power line disturbance) output voltages shall remain within the specified regulation range , through the absence of a line input during 1/2 cycle, at full load and min.ac line input


2-10 voltage isolation

The dc ground will be isolated from the ac neutral and ac line

2-11 cooling

Cooling shall be neutral convection cooling ,the power supply must be capable of operation when mounted either vertically or horizontally according to the mechanical drawing 2-12 continuity (grounging)

100m ohm max. At 25a 2-13 leakage current

   0.75ma max. 2-14 led display



Power on


Power off


3-0 environmental requirements 3-1 Temperature

1.)operation 0 to 40

2.)storage         20 to 85


3-2 humidity

1.)operation 890rh

2.)storage5 90rh


3-3 vibration and shock

No evidence of any mechanical or functional damage after the

  Vibration and shock testing

1.)shipping vibration

  This ac adapter may be vibrated in the three mutually perpendicular axes of 0.5mm displacement peak to peak at 2 to 55 to 2hz7 minutes per cycle for a duration of 30 minutes

2.)shipping shock this ac adapter in the shipping package may be dropped 8 times from a height of 900 mm

 3-4 altitude

1.)operation 10000 feet

2.)storage40 000 feet

4-0 emi/emc requirements

   The radiated and conducted emissions of this ac adapter complies with the requirements of the fcc part 15class b en 55022 class b

5-0 reliability

   The power supply shall be designed and produced to have a mean time between failures(mtbf) of 30000 operating hours at 90% confidence-level while operating under the following conditions test condition input vol. 220vac and 40 pcs of units for 30 days burn-in at full load and 40 ambient without failure

6-0 mechanical features 6-1 mounting connector cable 1200+/-30mm 6-2 weight

Power ass'y : 253 grams 6-3 dimension 121l x 60w x 35h mm

2. Safety

1-0 approval

This ac adapter is designed to meet by following standards 1-1 UL , CUL , TUV, CE, CB, FCC, BSMI, EK, PSE, NORDIC, 3C

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