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Desk Top NiCad/Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Chargers 230 VAC Input

4 amp, 16-24 cell battery charger
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Wall Mount Charger for NiCad and NiMH PacksThis item has CE marking
Lowest cost quality charger for NiMH and NiCad batteries.

Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery chargers, battery packs, UPS, and power supplies for OEMs in a hurry!

This a semi-custom -delta V fast battery charger with a microprocessor controlled charge and sense LED display and preset time-out. 230 VAC output, with a European wall-mount AC plug charges packs containing 2 cells, 4 cells, 5 cells, 6 cells, 7 cells, 8 cells or 10 cells by rotary switch, and two selectable charge rates.
Quantity For Charging Sample
PST-6168A 2 cell, 4 cell, 5 cell, 6 cell, 7 cell, 8 or 10 cell packs This product is obsolete, sorry. Please check our NiCad and NiMH charger catalog by clicking here
General Information
Model PST6168A
Name Selectable Ni-Cd/Ni-MH Battery Charger with -dV Detection and Discharge Function
Type Battery Pack Charger for R/C, Robots, instruments
Technical Information
Rated voltage 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Rated input power 28W
No. of batteries 2 cells, 4 cells, 5 cells, 6 cells, 7 cells, 8 cells or 10 cells by rotary switch
Setting Voltage
2 cells 2.4 volts nominal
4 cells 4.8 volts nominal
5 cells 6 volts nominal
6 cells 7.2 volts nominal
7 cells 8.4 volts nominal
8 cells 9.6 volts nominal
10 cells 12 volts nominal
Battery size 125 mA to 4.5 AH
Charging current 500mA or 1000mA by rotary switch
Charger type Ni-Cd/Ni-MH Battery Charger
Application R/C Models, robots, instruments
Charging supervision -dV, pulsed-and-rest method
Discharge function Yes
Input Frequency 50 Hz
Testing function No
Battery type Ni-Cd/Ni-MH Battery
Style Desktop
Output power 14W
Output voltage 2.8/5.6/7.0/8.4/9.8/11.2/14.0V Selectable
Output options included Alligator clips, 5.5 mm OD x 2.1 mm ID barrel and Tamiya connector supplied with charger. More barrel connectors available separately
Weight 1000 grams, 1 kg, 2.2 pounds
Size 122 x 78 x 58 mm, 4.8 x 3.1 x 2.3 inches, see drawing below
Protections Reverse Polarity
LED Indications Power on, but no battery connected Black
Fast Charging Red
Charged/Trickle Charging Green
Discharging Yellow

NiCad NiMH Charger 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 10 cells


OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive desk top Nicad and NiMH Battery Charger with peak charge control circuit, European version.

OEM Power Supplies Adaptable to any voltage and battery size.

OEM Power Supplies Single LED changes color to indicate state of charge.

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