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November 6, 2015

Breakthrough in Low Temperature operation of 2½nd Generation High Current Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Lithium Ion Cells Break Barriers!

New battery chemistry extends the practical low temperature discharge range to -40°C

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This technology was developed for a Norwegian company that did not go into production with their product, so the cells are not available. This project could be started again if the demand is large enough.


Although lithium ion batteries cannot be charged at cold temperatures they will not freeze at temperatures down to -40°C and can be discharged that low. The following curve is a test of our new low-temperature battery chemistry showing significant performance at -40°C

The average voltage during the discharge is 3.4 volts, giving an energy capacity of this cell at -40°C of 59 watt-hours (212,000 joules).

Discharge of Lithium Ion battery at -20C
Test conditions:
20 AH cell (nominal)
Charged at 20°C and 20 Amps to 4.2 volts, then held at 4.2 volts until the charge current drops to 0.5 Amps
Put into the cold chamber at -40°C and soaked for 2 hours
Discharged at a current of 1.5 amps (C/13), down to a termination voltage of 2.75 volts.
Measured capacity of 17.3 AH at -40°C
Measured capacity of 20.9 AH at +20°C
Low temperature capacity efficiency at -40°C is 82.7% compared to room temperature.

High capacity Lithium Ion Cells for low temperature operation
Dimension without terminals, click on link to see sketch
PGB206970-LT 6 AH 3.7V 20mm x 69 mm x 73 mm 15 mohms 240g Single cell
PGB207090-LT 8 AH 3.7V 21mm x 70mm x 93 mm 10 mohms 300g Single cell
PGB268090-LT 12 AH 3.7V 26mm x 80mm x 95mm 8 mohms 470g Single cell
PGB2680110-LT 15 AH 3.7V 26mm x 80mm x 114mm 5 mohms 580g Single cell
PGB2680130-LT 18 AH 3.7V 26mm x 80mm x 135mm 4 mohms 680g Single cell
PGB50120130-LT 60 AH 3.7V 50mm x 110mm x 143mm 3 mohms 1800g Single cell
PGB60130150-LT 80 AH 3.7V 60mm x 130mm x 150mm 2 mohms 2200g Single cell

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