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12 Volt 90AH Lithium Iron Phosphate High Capacity Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries for sale--20 lbs

Lithium replacement for SLA and Gel batteries from PowerStream with high capacity and high power
More lithium replacements for SLA batteries
Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for sale 12V 100AH

12V 90AH pack, compatible with lead acid chargers and applications

Lithium Iron phosphate batteries are safer than Lithium-ion cells, and are available in 90 AH 12Vterminal
fuel gauge
A handy fuel gauge is accessible from the top of the battery

12V 90 amp hour lithium iron phosphate pack
side view

After many years experience with these packs we are ready to sell them to the general public. They have been used for robots, mineral exploration, and military applications. They have high capacity, low weight and can deliver high power. High-power lithium iron phosphate batteries are now a reality. They can be used as storage cells or power sources.

In addition, Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are among the longest lived batteries ever developed. Test data in the laboratory show more than 3000 charge/discharge cycles.

The reason that these packs are being successful is that the chargers and applications already exist for the lead acid batteries that they replace. So this is a turn-key solution for anyone needing a nominal 12 volt battery with lighter weight and higher energy capacity than lead acid. A comparable lead-acid battery would weigh 90 pounds, these come in at about 20 pounds. A comparable lead-acid battery would last for 200-300 deep cycles these last for 3000+.
These can be used in series to form 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V batteries. No more than 4 can be used in series, but unlimited batteries can be used in parallel.

90 Amp Hour 12 Volt Li-Fe-PO4 Packs


90Ah/12V LiFePO4 battery pack

Lithium iron phosphate batteries

259 x 218 x 168 mm
10.2 x 8.6 x 6.6 (Group 24)


20 lbs

$854 Safari UT™ Battery
Complete with battery management system
Chemistry Lithium iron phosphate    
Voltage 12.8V nominal    
Maximum current output 250A for 60 seconds, 150A continuous    
Capacity 90AH, equivalent to 100AH lead acid battery, 1080WH    
Cycle life Typically greater than 3500 cycles to 90% discharge. Lifetime warranty through LionEnergy    
Temperature Operation -4 to 140° F (-20 to +60°C)
Charging 0 to +45°C
Series connection Two can be put in series to supply 24V, three for 36V, or four for 48V    
Handle Plastic strap handles are built in    


OEM Battery Chargers State of the art lithium-iron-phosphate packs cell with laser welded stainless steel cases, no polymer, rubber, or plastic seals.

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers High Discharge rates

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Cycle life 3500+ cycles.

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Much safer than any other lithium ion technology

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