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Details of the battery management board for large lithium ion batteries

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Lithium Ion Cells Break Barriers!
Second generation lithium-ion Large Lithium-ion cells and Batteries are now available with higher currents, and longer life.

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Block Diagram of the Battery Management Board Showing Connections. In this case it is a 10 cell board.

These battery management boards are used for our li-ion batteries that not only have high capacity, but can deliver high power. One 12 AH, 3.7 volt cell can supply 130 watts, a 4 cell pack can supply over 500 watts at 12 volts. High-power lithium ion batteries are now a reality. They can be used as storage cells or power sources.
  • For 2-14 (or more) cells in series
  • Over-charge protection: 4.28±0.03V
  • Over-discharge protection:2.90±0.13V
  • Excess-current Protection: 60A
  • <75uA Standby Current
  • Separate Charging and Discharging Interface
  • Discharge Short Circuit Protection

General Description

The LDB21060A-VI is over-charge/discharge protection board for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in series. It features an over-charge/over-discharge threshold for the battery cell voltage during charging/discharging process, and also provides on-time protection when excess current or short circuit occurs.

Overcurrent protection:
When the current exceeds 1.8 x the rated current (for example 35 amps x 1.8 = 63 amps). Between the rated current and the absolute maximum current the board will allow up to 5 seconds of operation. So a 35 amp board will supply up to 63 amps for 5 seconds before shutting off. When the board turns off the power due to overcurrent protection it stays off for about 5 seconds and then automatically tries again (this is called "hiccough mode.")


The boards produced so far are approximately 20 mm x 80 mm x 60 mm. They are typically attached to the side of the battery pack.

Battery management boards
The battery management board is essential to maintain a safe, long lived battery pack. They have the following functions.
1. Balance charging current among the cells in the pack to insure all cells are fully and evenly charged.
2. Protect the cells in the pack from overcharge.
3. Protect cells from overcurrent.
4. Protect the pack from short circuits.
5. Protect the cells in the pack from overdischarge.
For more details of these battery management boards see the chart below, or click here.
Battery Management Board Examples *** Number of cells in series Number of cells in parallel Nominal Pack Voltage Maximum Output Current Price
PST-LIM2S1P 2 1 7.2 volts 35 Amps $81
PST-LIM3S1P 3 1 10.8 35 Amps $81
PST-LIM3S1P-150 3 1 10.8 150 Amps $340
PST-LIM4S1P 4 1 14.4 volts 35 Amps $81
PST-LIM4S2P 4 2 14.4 volts 35 Amps $86
PST-LIM5S1P 5 1 18 volts 35 Amps $101
PST-LIM8S1P 8 1 28.8 volts 35 Amps $94
PST-LIM10S1P 10 1 37 volts 35 Amps $166
PST-LIM12S1P-60 12 1 43.2 volts 60 Amps $1020
PST-LIM14S1P 14 1 50.4 volts 35 Amps $196
*** Battery management board for any combination of series and parallel cells are readily available with 3-5 week lead time.


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