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February 27, 2024

Portable Multichannel 12V SLA Battery Charger

10 station battery charger for lead acid, SLA, and VRLA batteries commercial charger with XLR connectors 
Navy charger with military connectors Commercial 10 channel charger with XLR connectors  

12V multibay Charger for 10 batteries at a time

The requirement was for a field charger that could be transported easily, and charge 10 SLA (sealed lead acid ), flooded lead acid or VRLA batteries simultaneously. Each battery charging circuit is fully independent with its own smart controller, and status LEDs. The power supply has universal input 85 VAC to 235 VAC 50/60 cycle. We put it in a Pelican™ style case with an o-ring gasket to make it rugged and waterproof. The microprocessor controlled charger boards monitor fault conditions as well as monitor each 12V battery separately for state-of-charge and end-of-charge.

The front panel contains:
  • One illuminated A.C. power switch.
  • One A.C. power port.
  • One A.C. 10 Amp circuit breaker reset button.
  • 10 circuit breaker reset buttons, one per channel.
  • 30 LED indicators, three per channel.
  • Explanatory stencils describing the LED indicators, connector pins, instructions for use, specifications, and labeling for circuit breakers and the A.C. power port and switch.
  • Batteries can be left on the charger indefinitely for maintenance and float charge
  • If the power to the charger fails the batteries are kept safe
  • Using precise voltage measurements and modern charge algorithms the charger can safely charge batteries above the C/3 rate recommended by battery manufacturers
Options: This product type could be extended to any number of batteries, different battery chemistries, and different charge algorithms. It can also be rack mounted, or repackaged for indoor use. The microcontroller boards can also monitor battery temperature if required.

Detailed Specifications 3755AS225 PST-10CH-G
  Navy part number 3755AS225 Commercial version
Max Charge Current 4.15 Amps, 8 channels
2.8 Amps, 2 channels
4.15 Amps, 10 channels
Input 85-235 VAC 50/60 Hz 85-235 VAC 50/60 Hz
Number of Batteries 1 to 10 simultaneously 1 to 10 simultaneously
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 Volts 12 Volts
Float charge voltage 13.8V 13.8V
Battery Capacity 1 to 40+ Amp-Hours 1 to 40+ Amp-Hours
Total Charging Power 800 Watts 800 Watts
Weight 22 lbs, 10 kg 22 lbs, 10 kg
Connectors Military style circular connectors XLR panel mount connectors

Charge times for typical batteries
Battery Size     Estimated Hours to full charge Note: the green "charged" light comes on when the charge current drops to 400mA. Then the charger goes into the "float" mode and continues to top up the battery. A smaller battery (3-12AH) may be as little as 80% charged when the light comes on, and may need 2-3 more hours to top up. Above 5 hours charge time this should not be a problem.

Information about safely charging sealed lead acid batteries at much higher charge rate than the manufacturer's data sheets would seem to allow.
  4.15A charge rate 2.8A charge rate
3AH <1 hour 1.5 hours
7AH 2 hours 3 hours
10AH 2.6 hours 4 hours
12AH 3 hours 4.5 hours
17AH 4.5 hours 6.5 hours
22AH 5.5 hours 8 hours
28AH 7 hours 10.5 hours
33AH 8.5 hours 12.5 hours
40AH 10 hours 15 hours

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