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Why we believe all our batteries are the best on the planet

Batteries and Packs

Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery chargers, DC/DC Converters, battery packs and power supplies for OEMs in a Hurry

We know that it is risky to try a brand of batteries that is not name-brand. Discount batteries often disappoint. That is not the case with PowerStream batteries. Let us explain.

We at PowerStream have been designing custom battery chargers for years. We have an extensive test facility in which we can evaluate batteries and battery charging algorithms under all kinds of conditions.
One day we got in a batch of NiMH batteries to test from a no-name manufacturer. They were so superior to the name brand batteries that we were testing at the same time that we were surprised. We contacted the manufacturer who offered distribution rights to us and gave us surprisingly good pricing.
All batteries are made in factories with ISO9002 certification and extensive quality control and manufacturing control. Ten percent of their staff is devoted to quality control at all levels.

Unlike many no-name factories, who have a recipe and follow it, our partners maintain a vigorous R&D effort to improve the capacity, lifetime, and consistency of their products.

Technical details of the quality of our batteries:

All battery packs are made with matched batteries to prevent early failure due to cell reversal. The cost of doing this for us is very low because of the extreme consistency of our cells.

We know that one size does not fit all. Batteries are always made with tradeoffs. The most important are size, price, capacity, and maximum discharge current. Our partners are willing to modify their process to better serve your requirements. For example if you need 50 amps of discharge current we would reduce the amp-hour capacity to make a cell with lower electrode resistance. If you only need 1 amp of discharge current we could increase the amp-hour capacity. Similarly it is cheaper to get 1 amp hour out of a large battery than a small battery, so flexibility on the part of the battery manufacturer can be important.

The following chart shows the quality of the PowerStream NiMH 4/3 Fat A cell, which is rated at 3850 mAH.

Current Measured run time Expected run time Ratio Equivalent AH
0.525 A 440 440 1 3.85
1.02 A 226 226 1 3.85
1.5 A 150 153 0.98 3.78
2.0 A 114 115 0.99 3.80
2.5 A 91 92 0.98 3.79
2.98 A 75 77.5 0.97 3.72
3.5 A 64 66 0.97 3.73
4.0 A 56 57.8 0.97 3.73
4.5 A 50 51.8 0.97 3.72
5.0 A 44 min 46.2 0.95 3.67

In this chart the "expected run time" is what you would expect if you took the capacity measured at a C/20 discharge rate and divided it by the the discharge current. You can see that even at 0.77C, the PowerStream cells are still up to 95% of their 20 hour capacity. This indicates a high quality, well constructed cell that was designed for high current capability.

For a chart of the sizes and weights of cylindrical batteries click here: Battery size chart
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Note: We don't inflate our specifications as many companies do. The capacity in amp-hours is guaranteed, and will be exceeded most of the time. "Usable cycles" is a guideline, but not guaranteed because we have no control over abuse of the cells.

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