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13.2VDC 600 watt AC/DC power supply for running car audio equipment from AC

12V 50A AC/DC power supply
12V DC desktop Universal AC regulated power supply.
This is a compact, high quality, 600W switchmode regulated power supply at a great price. It has a pot to adjust the voltage without opening the case with adjustable voltage from 10.8V to 13.2V. It is perfect for running car audio equipment, in which case the adjustment pot should be turned all the way up to 13.2 volts to make the amplifiers more efficient.

Universal AC input (85VAC to 264VAC) is unusual for such high power. On Sale. List price is $262.

PST-AC12500-New closed frame AC/DC power supply 12V 50A 600 watts Obsolete, sorry
PST-AC12500-Refurbished and tested closed frame AC/DC power supply 12V 50A 600 watts Obsolete, sorry

Note: Refurbished units were removed from new equipment and load tested.
Part Number PST-AC12500
Parameter Data
Output 12 Volts DC adjustable
Current 50Amps (52 amps pulse)
Output Power 600 Watts maximum
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Input Frequency 47-63 Hz
Ripple noise 120mV peak to peak maximum
Input Current 6.5 amps at full power and 115V input, 3.0 amps at 230V input
Inrush Current 20 to 40 amps typical at 115V at 45 amps output
Line Regulation 20mV max
Load Regulation 40mV maximum
Protection Overcurrent protection, automatic recovery
Temperature -20° to +50° C Operating
Isolation 2000VAC input to frame, 3000VAC input to output, 500VAC output-to-frame
Size Approximately 61 x 120 x 215 mm
(2.4 x 4.72 x 8.46 inches)
Weight 57 oz., 3.6 lbs (1600 gms) without AC cord,
Agency Approvals UL (cRUus component listing), TUV, CE indoor use
COO Manufactured in Japan
Input connector Protected screw terminals
Output connector Screw terminals, two sets of plus and minus in parallel

OEM Power Supplies Excellent line and load regulation.

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Run car audio equipment in your house with this 13.2V 600 Watt closed-frame power supply

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